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18 Huge Health Benefits of Beer That You Probably Don’t Know

18 Huge Health Benefits of Beer That You Probably Don't Know

Incomplete information of anything removes us from its benefits. We only keep looking at its loss and remain ignorant of the qualities. Similar incomplete information is also about beer. Beer can prove to be beneficial for our health as well as for skin and hair. There is no doubt that alcohol is injurious to our health, but in some circumstances doctors also recommend taking a certain amount of beer.

According to a study, consuming up to 350 ml of beer daily is considered beneficial for health. [Trusted Source 1]


One ounce (28 g) of beer contains about —

Beer contains about zero fat and zero cholesterol.


Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. If consumed in a moderate quantity, beer has a wide range of health benefits; including —

Beer in Glasses

1. A Natural Beverage:

Some individuals believe that many preservatives are added to beer. But the truth is that beer is as natural as orange juice. And in many cases more than that. Because we know about the disadvantages of packed orange juice and adulterated milk. Beer does not need preservatives.

It contains alcohol and hops. Both of these are natural preservatives. The process of making beer is similar to that of bread. It is also cooked and fermented.

2. For Kidney Stones:

Beer has been considered the best diuretic. Its limited intake can benefit your kidneys. It can easily work to remove stones present in the kidneys through the urine. [Trusted Source 2][Trusted Source 3]

According to a research conducted in the United States, drinking beer reduces the risk of stones. Research has revealed that the risk of kidney stone in 40% of those individuals who drink beer was significantly reduced compared to those who do not drink beer.

However, researchers could not determine what was included in the beer that led to this.

3. For Brain Health:

We all know that with growing age, brain functioning starts decreasing, which can also have an effect on our memory. Here the benefits of beer can be seen, as it contains compounds called silicon and hops, which can work to prevent brain disorders.

Therefore, consuming a fixed amount of beer can serve to relieve memory problems and the risk of disease such as Alzheimer’s. [Trusted Source 4]

Also, the vitamin B found in it can work to keep the brain healthy. [Trusted Source 5] [Trusted Source 6]

Drinking Beer in Glass

4. Beer Improves Cholesterol Levels:

Beer does not contain cholesterol, but it improves cholesterol levels in the body. Drinking a balanced amount of beer balances the levels of good and bed cholesterol in the body. Beer increases the level of high—density lipoprotein or good cholesterol by reducing low—density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the body.

The alcohol and polyphenols found in it help to increase good cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol in the blood. It also helps to prevent blood clots from forming. [Trusted Source 13]

According to the latest research, drinking one beer daily increases the level of good cholesterol by four percent.

5. For A Healthy Heart:

If you want more benefits from vitamins, then you should consume beer. In addition to red wine, dark beer contains a significant amount of anti-oxidants. A limited amount of beer may be beneficial for heart and blood vessels due to alcohol. According to the American Heart Association, “there is no evidence that wine is more beneficial than other alcoholic beverages.”

According to a report published in 1999 by the British Medical Journal, drinking three drinks daily can reduce the risk of heart diseases by up to 24.7 percent.

According to scientific evidence, consuming 15-30 grams of alcohol daily can reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 25 percent. In addition, drinking beer may also reduce the risk of blood clots. [Trusted Source 7]

6. For Stronger Bones:

Consuming a limited amount of beer can strengthen your bones. If you want to make your bones strong, then you should drink beer. Actually, a good amount of compound called silicon is found in beer. Silicon helps to strengthen bones by removing problems. [Trusted Source 8]

This compound is found in different amounts in different beers. Light beer has low silicon content. Osteoporosis can also be overcome by its use. [Trusted Source 9]

At the moment, further research is still needed on this.

Drinking Beer

7. Beer Helps To Reduce Stress:

According to a research published on the American Journal of Psychiatry, drinking about two glasses of beer a day can reduce anxiety and work-related stress. On the other hand, routinely turning to alcohol to help cope with mental pressure or stress may do more harm than good.

Although consuming alcohol may help to reduce stress at the moment, but in the long run alcohol consumption can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression, making stress harder to deal with.

8. Fights Against Cancer:

It is not true that the consumption of beer always hurts. Consuming a small amount of beer may also provide medicinal properties.

The most amazing advantage of beer is that it is helpful in fighting against cancer. Plant hops used in beer making contain xanthohumol, which helps to fight against cancer. This anti-oxidant is found only and only in beer. This element is so good that the people of Germany have prepared a special beer by increasing its level.

Beer has many properties that can reduce the risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer. [Trusted Source 10]

9. Rich in Vitamin B:

Beer, and especially unfiltered or light beer, is very nutritious. All forms of vitamin B are high in beer. Vitamin B is important for metabolism, helps in making red blood cells and keeping the central nervous system healthy. It contains folic acid which is helpful in protecting against heart attack. [Trusted Source 5]

Beer contains soluble fiber, which gives you enough energy to do everyday chores. Along with this, the fiber present in the beer helps in removing excess fat and toxins stored in your body. Along with this, it also helps in increasing the levels of magnesium and potassium in the body. In addition, it is also beneficial for brain health. [Trusted Source 6]

Keep in mind that you have to consume a limited amount of beer.

Drinking Beer in Different Glasses

10. Beer Is Safer Than Water:

If you are in a place where you are advised not to drink water, then you can drink beer. This is a more secure option. Beer is brewed. After this, it is taken care of cleanliness until sealed.

If it had not been clean, it would have been impossible to sell it. Even if beer is bad, it does not contain any deadly bacteria. So, you can restlessly drink beer. Even the worst of beer is safer than water.

11. Diabetes:

You will be surprised to know that consuming small amounts of beer can control diabetes, because some amount of alcohol is found in it. Its limited quantity maintains the level of glucose present in the blood. Keep in mind that drinking beer in excessive quantity may be harmful. [Trusted Source 11]

12. For A Longer Life:

Drinking a balanced amount of beer is good for your health. Yes, high amounts can definitely spoil your health. If you drink too much, you can have many dangerous diseases like cancer, but if you do not drink at all, then it is also not good for your health.

Many researches have suggested that balanced drinkers live longer than those who drink more or not at all. Beer is suitable for drinking in balanced quantities. The amount of alcohol in it is less than that of wine and whiskey.

In addition, along with eliminating oxidative stress, it can also be effective in controlling obesity and diabetes, which are essential for long life and a healthy lifestyle. [Trusted Source 12]

People Drinking Beer

13. Low In Calories:

Beer is very low in calories. It contains a amount of carbohydrate and there is no fat or cholesterol at all. Approximately 12 ounces of beer contain 156 calories with 14 mg of sodium, 0 fat, 12.6 grams of carbohydrate and 1 percent calcium.

14. Beer May Help To Improve Memory:

As we have discussed earlier, beer contains an ingredient — Xanthohumol. This flavonoid may help to slow down the degradation process of memory. Xanthohumol can also help to protect brain cells from oxidative damage associated with dementia.

15. Controlled Blood Pressure:

Did you know that drinking beer can control your blood pressure? Yes, consuming small amounts of beer may be effective in controlling your blood pressure.

A compound called polyphenol found in it may be helpful in controlling blood pressures. [Trusted Source 13]

16. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Beer intake plays an important role in dealing with many problems related to your mind. Compounds, such as silicon and hops, are found in beer, which can protect against brain disorders and Alzheimer’s. Its intake reduces the risk of many diseases including neurodegenerative disorders. [Trusted Source 4]

17. For Skin:

Beer can be very beneficial for your skin. The hops and yeast present in it may be beneficial for skin health and healing of wounds. [Trusted Source 14]

18. For Hair Growth:

You can also use beer for hair growth. It contains good amount of vitamin B. [Trusted Source 5]

Vitamin B is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, which act as oxygen to the body, including hair. Without blood flow and oxygen, hair fall and their growth become very slow. [Trusted Source 15]

Girls Taking Beer In Their Hands


About 350 ml of beer contains up to 5 percent of alcohol. You can consume it up to 350 ml per day. [Trusted Source 1]

You can drink it by mixing it in fruit juice.


A limited amount of beer can be very beneficial for your health. At the same time, Its excessive intake may cause many health side effects; including —

  • Beer contains alcohol content. Drinking beer in excessive quantity will cause more alcohol to reach the body and affect brain functioning, you can go into a coma and in severe cases even death. [Trusted Source 16]
  • Consuming excessive alcohol in the form of beer can also put you at higher risk of diabetes. [Trusted Source 17]
  • Consumption of alcohol in the form of beer in pregnancy can cause mental and physical harm to the pregnant woman and fetus; including heart disease, problems with thinking and speaking, poor muscles and changes in facial shape. [Trusted Source 18]
  • Consuming more beer may increase the risk of cancer, stroke and liver problems. [Trusted Source 19]


A limited amount of beer can be very beneficial for your health. At the same time, if it is consumed in large quantities, it may cause many unwanted side effects.

Doctors also recommend taking a fixed amount of beer as a medicine. Beer intake can affect health. If you feel like consuming beer, then you must ask the doctor how much beer can be taken daily as a medicine. If you have any question related to this article, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below.


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