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Premature Grey or White Hair: Causes and Treatments

Premature Grey or White Hair

It is common for hair to be white with increasing age, but today most people are worried about being hair white and grey at an early age. Changing lifestyle, pollution and mis-eating habits are among its main reasons. If you are troubled by getting the hair white then you can stop it by making some changes in your lifestyle.


Hair gets its color from melanin. There are two types of melanin, called, eumelanin and pheomelanin, combine to create all the hair colors. One theory for why hair goes grey is that aging slows or prevents the hair from getting the melanin, so it comes out grey, silver, or white.

New research reveals that greying can come from a build-up of hydrogen peroxide from the hair cell, which causes of the hair to bleach on the inside.

Cells obviously have a little bit of hydrogen peroxide from them, but it kept under control by an enzyme, called catalase, which extends the hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.

Premature Greying

As we age, our bodies produce less catalase, so of the hydrogen peroxide builds up and, in accord with of the New York Times, blocks the normal synthesis of melanin, of the natural pigment in hair. Thus, the hair turns white or grey. When you’re born, your genes are already hard wired for when and how your hair will turn grey. Including premature greying people, who grey before get older 30 usually do so because they run in the family. For many people, greying starts in middle age.

Dermatologists go by the 50/50/50 rule of thumb. By age of 50, half of the population will have at least 50 percent grey hair. Although a worldwide survey showed that number was much lower, with only 6 to 23 percent of people half grey by age 50. In a related subject, race also determines, when you are likely to grey.

Generally, Caucasians grey in the mid-30s, Asians from their late-30s, and African-Americans from their 40s. This old wives tale is a myth. Each follicle may contain only a single hair, and plucking it won’t make it capable of producing multiple hairs. In addition, what you do to a single follicle has no impact on the ones around it. That said, excessive plucking is not a good idea, it can harm of the follicles and even stop hair production in which area altogether.

Other Causes:

Other factors may include —

Vitamin Deficiencies:

Any deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, vitamin D, E, severe iron deficiency, copper deficiency and chronic protein loss can contribute to premature greying of hair. Other factors may include low serum calcium, low vitamin D-3 levels and low serum ferritin.


When President Barack Obama went grey his first term from office, was it stress, age, or a combination of both?

Scientists are not sure!

While some researchers say which your genes alone are accountable for grey hair. Others say that there appears to be a connection between greying and stress, just no direct link to prove it. Although, higher levels of stress may lead to premature grey hair. Too much stress can also contribute to the development of several diseases.


The problem also may be genetic. According to study (2013) in the Indian Journal of Dermatology reported that premature greying of an individual’s hair is largely connected to genetic factors.


Smoking is another factor, considered to be related to premature greying. Excessive smoking leads to the generation of huge amount of reactive oxygen species, which increase oxidative stress, resulting in damage of melanin producing cells, melanocytes.

Prolonged Exposure to Sun:

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays is also contribute to premature greying of hair.

Use of Chemical Hair Dyes and Hair Products:

Chemical hair dyes, hair colors and even shampoos, may lead to premature hair greying. These hair products contain harmful chemicals that decrease melanin levels. Many hair dyes and hair colors uses hydrogen peroxide and ammonia that make an adverse effect on hair.


Treatments may include —

Healthful Diet:

Since prevention is better than cure, it’s advised to provide enough nutrition to your hair everyday. Though greying of hair comes along with old age, but today because of lack of proper dieting this has become a common issue between young people. Men in addition to females are finding some ways which may help them cope with premature hair. Biotin present in cucumber, oats, almonds could make your grey hair black.

Biotin have the properties which may help to maintain the dark color of hair. Therefore eat biotin rich foods to cure greying of hair. You can also add gooseberry, black tea, eggs, lentils and almonds into your diet.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sun: 

Heat prevents moisture from hair, making them rough and dry. Try to attempt stay during peak sunlight hours. Put on a hat, cap or a cover your hair using a scarf to stop direct contact of hair with sunlight.

Avoid Heat and Warm Water:

Avoid taking warm water bathrooms. This removes the moisture from hair, making hair grey. Avoid using blowers at very high temperatures, instead lower the temperature and after that use to keep hair healthy. Also, put on swimming cap while you enter the pool. 

Add Vitamin B12:

Diet is also an essential factor for keeping hair black and robust. Lack of minerals and vitamins might lead to greying and weak hair. Deficiency of vitamin B12 makes hair whitened, while lack of mineral, zinc, leads to hair fall.

Therefore, eat a balanced diet with adequate minerals and vitamins to provide complete nutrition to hair. Have a vitamin B12 capsule or a multi vitamin capsule to eliminate grey hair. Eat veggies, fruits, proteins, and sufficient water to maintain hair moisturized and strong.

Avoid Using Low Quality Hair Products:

Avoid using low quality hair products because these products contain chemicals like chlorine, ammonia etc. that may remove the organic darkness from hair and make their roots weak.

Avoid Stress:

Stress is a condition, which contributes to degradation of our entire body. Stress may also make your hair grey. So, avoid stress and attempt to stay happy always. Attempt yoga, medication or try some exercise to stop premature greying of hair.

Get A Massage:

Melanin lack in hair also leads to baldness. As we grow older melanin in hair starts decreasing and therefore our hair becomes grey in old age.

The head massage can help to enhance blood circulation in the area, which would be very important.

Avoid the Use of Chemical Hair Dyes:

One fast way to prevent and eliminate premature grey and whitened hair is to set a stop on dangerous chemical hair solutions.

Additionally, there are a lot of natural homemade remedies which help treat and eliminate early age hair greying, such as bhringaraj, curry leaves, etc.



Because you have gray hair, does not mean that you should use any old shampoo. It’s a sign that it requires special treatment as the very important nutrients that produce the pigment for the hair color are now as healthful as they use to be your hair goes grey. When choosing the best treatment for the hair what should you look for in a shampoo?

Grey hair will be dry so you will need a shampoo which will bring the moisture back in addition to replace the nutrients that are currently lacking. There are shampoos in the market which treat hair that is oily, dry, brittle and thinning, there are not many that promise to treat hair. If you are trying to find a shampoo that’s going darken it or to return your hair then you’ve got to have a specific shampoo.

Do not go for a shampoo which promises to restore your natural hair color washed as this implies that the shampoo will do nothing for its condition and includes a lot of dye. Many people want a shampoo which will progressively change the colour in order that it’s not too noticeable or instantly obvious.

Even though we’ve mentioned the root cause of the hair going grey, it’s also important to keep in mind that the lack of nutrients like B12 and omega 3’s are important contributors of hair going grey. So to treat your gray hair you will need to replace these 2 ingredients. Vitamin B12 can be taken in tablet form, but the omega 3’s are available in some shampoos. The way it works is the omega-3 rich shampoo penetrates deep into the hair follicle to deliver unprecedented nourishment to maintain the hair follicle in its original color.

The oil contained in the shampoo is known as the follicle awakening and has been utilized by many to assist in preventing the onset of grey hair. Every hair must get omega 3’s to grow properly. There are products available on the marketplace that have these attributes so there’s a solution to treating the Grey hair. Regardless if you would like to get your hair color back or simply look after your hair the way it’s then you need the right shampoo. So make certain the shampoo you select has these ingredients in them.


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