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Raisins: Benefits, Side Effects, Nutrition And Recommended Daily Intake

Raisins or Kishmish

Everyone is aware of the taste of raisins, but do you know about the benefits of raisins? You will be surprised to know that the quality of raisins is not limited only to its sweetness, but the benefits of dry raisins can be taken to get relief from many physical problems related to the body.


Raisins are included in the category of dry fruits, which are prepared by drying grapes. In this process, the grapes are dried in the sun for about three weeks and their moisturization is removed. [Trusted Source 1]

In India, it is also known as kishmish. Raisins have been considered beneficial for health. It is enriched with many essential phytochemicals. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial activities. [Trusted Source 2]

Fresh Raisins


There are many types of raisins, out of which the three are mentioned below— [Trusted Source 3]

Brown Raisins:

This raisin is made by drying the grapes for three weeks. They can turn brown after drying. Different types of grapes are used to make it in different places. Their color, size and taste depends on the type of grapes.

Golden Raisin:

This raisin is made by drying sultana grapes i.e. green round grapes without seeds. To make this type of raisin, the grapes are soaked in a kind of oily solution before drying. For this reason the color of this raisin is golden or light brown. This raisin is often smaller in size and sweeter than the other two raisins.

Black Raisins:

This type of raisins are made from black grapes. They are also made by drying the grapes for three weeks. Their taste is often sour—sweet and small in size.


One ounce (about 28 g) of seedless raisins contain —


Now the question is—what are raisins good for? Let’s discuss a range of benefits of eating raisins or kishmish —

1. For A Healthy Heart:

The benefits of eating raisins can also be found in avoiding many heart diseases.

Raisins for A Healthy Heart

In fact, according to a research published on the website of National Center for Biotechnology Information, raisins can reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride. It can help in heart disease caused by cholesterol. [Trusted Source 4]

However, what qualities of raisins work behind this process is a matter of research.

2. In Anemia:

Lack of iron in the body is also a reason for anemia. In this problem, sufficient amount of red blood cells are not produced in the body, which supply oxygen in the body. The benefits of raisins can be seen here. Raisins are considered a rich source of iron. [Trusted Source 5]

So, you can include raisins into your diet.

3. Beneficial In Acid Reflux:

Acidity or acid reflux is a common problem in which burning sensation is felt from chest to stomach. To get rid of this, you can use kishmish or raisins.

Acidity or Acid Reflux

It can be added in foods that can help reduce acidity. A research related to this suggests that raisins have alkaline properties, which can help normalize the amount of acid in the body. [Trusted Source 6]

4. Source of Energy:

Raisins are considered a natural source of carbohydrates. It can maintain blood glucose levels during exercise, which can maintain the flow of energy in the body. This is confirmed by a research published on NCBI website. [Trusted Source 7]

5. Reduced Risk of Cancer:

Raisin properties can reduce the risk of fatal disease like cancer. In fact, according to an NCBI research, the methanol extract of raisins has anti—radical and anti—cancer properties, which may help to some extent in preventing colon cancer. However, how further raisins may show beneficial effects in other cancer conditions requires further research. [Trusted Source 8]

Note— Raisins cannot be beneficial in treating or completely protecting cancer. It is necessary to get medical treatment of a person suffering from cancer.

6. Raisins For Weight Control:

Raisins for Weight-Loss

The benefits of eating a limited amount of raisins in weight control can also be seen. Indeed, a research published by NCBI has found that dietary fiber and prebiotics are found in raisins. Both these elements help to produce good and healthy bacteria in the stomach, which can help to control your weight. [Trusted Source 9]

However, daily exercise and balanced diet are also necessary to keep your weight under control.

7. In High Blood Pressure:

According to a research published in Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, raisins can play an important role in controlling high blood pressure problem. Indeed, the potassium present in it may reduce increased blood pressure and may also be helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. [Trusted Source 10]

High Blood pressure

8. In Diabetes:

Many individuals believe that people with diabetes cannot consume raisins, but this is not the case. You might be surprised to know that consuming a limited amount of raisins can help to control diabetes.

Raisin is believed to have a low glycemic index, due to which it may help to improve insulin response, which may help control diabetes. [Trusted Source 11]

9. Improved Sexual Health:

The benefits of eating raisins can also be found in improving sexual health. Actually, a mineral named boron is found in it.

A research published by the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has found that boron can help to increase sexual health—related steroids in both women and men. It may help improve sexual health. [Trusted Source 12]

10. In Dental Health:

Raisins can be beneficial for mouth and teeth health.

Indeed, studies by the United States Department of Food and Nutrition suggest that eating raisins may prevent cavities.

Dental Health

According to the researchers, raisins contain phytochemicals, antioxidants and oleanolic acids, which can help to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause dental caries, or tooth decay.

In addition, phytochemicals found in kishmish may also inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth such as mutans Streptococci, which cause cavities. [Trusted Source 13]

11. Protect Against Infection:

It has many properties that can be helpful in protecting the body from many infections, such as antimicrobial and antibacterial infections. In addition, raisin extracts can help to keep the mouth healthy by fighting the oral bacteria, mutans streptococcus. [Trusted Source 14]

12. In Fever:

Any type of infection in the body can cause fever. A fever occurs when the body tries to eliminate the bacteria or virus that cause infections. [Trusted Source 15]

In this case, raisins can help to eliminate those bacteria. Raisins are believed to have antibacterial properties, which may help eliminate these bacteria. [Trusted Source 16]

13. Skin Benefits For Skin:

beautiful skin woman

According to a research published on the NCBI website, grapes and grape—based products have chemoprotective properties, which may be somewhat helpful in preventing skin cancer. [Trusted Source 17]

At the same time, a research also mentions that raisins can also act as an effective skin toner. [Trusted Source 18]

14. For Healthy Hair:

Free radicals have a huge hand in damaging hair. They can cause premature graying and loss of hair. [Trusted Source 19]

Raisin properties can help to protect hair from these free radicals. A research published by NCBI has found that raisins have antioxidant properties, which may help to reduce the effect of free radicals. [Trusted Source 20]

healthy hair


Raisins can be included in the daily diet routine in many healthy ways; including —

  • Raisins can be mixed with peanut butter and fruit salad
  • Broccoli and carrots combined with raisins can be eaten as a salad
  • For breakfast, you can use raisins instead of sugar in oats
  • It can be used for sweetness in muffins and pancakes
  • You can eat raisins directly


Dry fruits are beneficial for people of all ages. 80-90 grams of raisins can be eaten in a day. [Trusted Source 21]


Raisins can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator to preserve them for a longer period of time. They can be preserved in this way for about a year.

While keeping it, it is important to keep in mind that there is no moisture in the box. If the moisture remains, the chances of rotting raisins are increased.


There are physical benefits as well as disadvantages of eating raisins. Excessive consumption can lead to the following problems, such as —


Raisins are a delicious food item rich in many medicinal properties, which you can make a part of your daily diet. If you are suffering from any of the problems mentioned in the article, then start consuming raisins from today. Also, keep in mind that if your regular intake shows symptoms like allergy, then stop it immediately. Diabetic patients must seek medical advice before consuming it.


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