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Sapodilla (Chikoo Fruit): Nutrition And Amazing Health Benefits

sapodilla fruit


Sapodilla, also known as manilkara zapota, chikoo, nispero or naseberry, is a sweet and delicious fruit. Native to Central America, Mexico and Caribbean, it looks like potato. It is grown in large quantities in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In India, it is cultivated in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Sapodilla tree can grow up to 98 feet with an average trunk of 4.9 feet in diameter. Sapodilla or chikoo fruit is round in shape, having peel in the upper layer and pulp inside with seeds. These fruits can be up to 10 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. The color of the fruit is brown and internally orange or pink.

It can be eaten raw or you can also consume it in a milkshake, ice cream, or jelly. Sapodilla or chikoo fruit is an easily digestible fruit, which has a high amount of sugar. It is a great source of vitamins C, B, and E, glucose, copper, potassium, iron, and other minerals. Like mango and bananas, this fruit is also high in calories. Let’s talk about its nutrition.


fresh sapodilla

One cup (241 grams) of raw sapodilla or chikoo pulp contains about —

  • 200 calories
  • 1.1 g protein
  • 48.1 g total carbohydrate
  • 12.8 g fiber
  • 2.7 g total fat
  • 145 IU vitamin A
  • 35.4 mg Vitamin C
  • 33.7 mcg folate
  • 50.6 mg calcium
  • 1.9 mg iron
  • 28.9 mg magnesium
  • 465 mg potassium
  • 28.9 mg sodium
  • 188 g water
  • 1.4 mcg selenium

Benefits of chikoo or sapodilla fruit may include —

1. For A Healthy Heart

Chikoo is widely considered a healthy food for heart health. The fruit has a high concentration of potassium, which is a small peristaltic drug (a medicine that widens blood vessels and allows blood to flow in an easier way).

Healthy Heart

It also reduces the stress on the heart and can prevent heart attacks, strokes, and atherosclerosis. The high fiber content of this fruit can reduce total cholesterol levels in the body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications. The vitamins E and C found in the fruit can protect the heart from oxidative stress and weak blood vessels.

2. Improved Immune System

According to research, chikoo plays an important role in improving immune system functions. The powerful antioxidants and vitamins present in it, directly strengthen the body’s immune response.


Carotenoids and other antioxidants can eliminate external substances. This can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

3. Chikoo For Weight Loss

Naseberry or chikoo is rich in dietary fiber content. Therefore, it can create a feeling of fullness so that you can have breakfast and extra calories between meals. In addition, the minerals and antioxidants in it can help improve metabolism.


So, if you are looking to lose weight, then chikoo is one of your weight-loss fruits.

4. Stronger Bones

Many important minerals are found in chikoo, including copper, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron. With age, our bone mineral density starts decreasing.

This cycle of debility and bone mineral loss can be rapid and cruel, but you can counteract these effects by increasing the intake of these minerals. It is a great option to increase your bone strength.

5. Relieve Stress

Many different factors can cause mental stress or anxiety. Research has shown that some of the vitamins and minerals found in chikoo, such as vitamin E, potassium, and carotenoids, can reduce anxiety by optimizing nervous system function.


If you are suffering from depression, mood swings, or other mental problems, then you can improve your hormone levels and improve nervous system function by consuming it.

6. Gives Instant Energy

Chikoo is not only yummy in taste, but it is also good for health. This fruit is easily digested, as well as energy comes to the body as soon as it is consumed, because it contains a high amount of glucose. The natural fructose and sucrose content in it can give a lot of energy to your body. So, if you are busy, then consume it while leaving home to boost your energy.

7. Reduced Inflammation

Chikoo has high contents of tannin, which in turn act as a natural inflammatory suppressant. Eat regularly to see good results.

8. Better Digestion

This keeps your digestive system in check. It prevents irritable bowel syndrome and dietary fiber in it makes it a laxative. Hence it helps in curing constipation problems.

9. Reduced Blood Pressure


Magnesium present in the chikoo, keeps the blood vessels up and helps in running properly. Potassium controls blood pressure and blood circulation. It is also good for treating anemia, as it is very rich in iron.

10. Chikoo Fruit During Pregnancy

Filled with electrolytes, vitamin A, and carbohydrates, it is also very healthy for pregnant and lactating mothers. If you are pregnant, the use of a chikoo may help to combat morning sickness and dizziness. And, because it also helps in the production of collagen, it also reduces stomach-related disorders.

11. For Beautiful Skin And Hair

We all know that if we consume a healthy diet, then every part of our body will be healthy. Hair problems occur when we don’t pay attention to food. Chikoo contains all the essential nutrients that make your hair strong and healthy. The oil of chikoo seeds is also available in the market.

By applying it, your hair becomes stronger from the root, as well as they are long. Apart from this, grind its seeds and make a paste. Now add castor oil to it and apply it to the root of the hair. Wash it after 1 hour with normal water. This will make your hair soft.

Healthy Skin

Consuming chikoo regularly also helps in removing toxins from your body and thus it is good for your skin and hair, keeping them healthy and moisturized. The vitamin A, C, and E, and the antioxidants present in them moisturize your skin and acts as an anti-aging agent. It doesn’t cause acne and wrinkles on your face. It helps to promote the production of collagen and prevents the development of deep wrinkles.

12. Prevents Cancer

Vitamin A and B contents in chikoo, don’t allow cancer cells to grow in the body. It also contains antioxidants and fiber, from which it also removes all the toxic substances from the body. Lung and mouth cancer can be avoided with vitamin A.

13. Anti-Viral And Anti-Bacterial Properties

It comes with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties so that no infection can affect your body. It also contains plenty of water, which helps with diarrhea. Boil this fruit in water and drink that water. It will help to remove the problem of piles.

Other Benefits

  • Prevents anemia
  • Protect against mouth ulcers
  • Get rid of sleeplessness
  • Beneficial in diarrhea
  • Due to high in vitamin A, it is helpful in increasing the visibility of your eyes
  • Consuming grinded chikoo seeds may help to remove kidneys and bladder stones and other kidney-related problems
  • Removes poisonous and toxic elements from the body


Manilkara zapota or chikoo is good for your overall health. This small fruit is very healthy and delicious, you must include it in your diet. You can also try sapodilla juice.


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