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Masturbation: Benefits, myths, side effects and much more

masturbation benefits and side-effects


Masturbation is the name of a general procedure related to physical psychology that is done by men or women for sexual gratification, sometimes by everyone. This makes them realize that they are still capable of sexual activity.

It is necessary for young boys and girls to stimulate their sexual organs, when they are unable to get married for some reason or are abnormally sexually strong. Now even science has proved that there is no harm of masturbation.

Like men, women also find ways to stimulate their sexual organs, which gives them a very sensitive experience and strong stimulation. If women don’t stimulate their sexual organs themselves, there is a possibility that they will be deprived of adequate stimulation during sex after marriage.

On average, men start masturbating at the age of 12–13, while women start enjoying masturbation at the age of 13-19 years. But, the matter remains so covered and hidden in them could never come across any discussion.

On being fully young, the matter of masturbation starts to lean towards an open secret, but most people consider it better to let the curtain fall on the matter. But, now the era has completely changed. Now some youngsters are getting ready, who are breaking these taboo and taking an open part in the discussion on masturbation methods.


Yes !! Masturbating is totally normal and healthy. Most individuals don’t talk about this, but it is a fact that almost everybody does it.

Masturbation Myths


The frequency of masturbation may vary more or less according to several factors, such as sexual tension, hormonal sexual habits, peer affective attitudes, good health, and interpersonal sex cultures. For example, one does it once a day, some twice.

This is same as if someone consume the food once or twice. Its relation depends on the physical and mental state of an individual. Various studies have found that masturbation occurs more frequently in human beings.

1950 studies by Alfred Kinsey on the U.S. Population showed that 92% of males and 62% of females reported masturbation incidents during their lifetimes. Similar results were also found in the British National Feasibility Survey conducted in 2007.

According to it, in the survey between 95% of males and 71% of females in the age group of 16 to 44 years, 73% of males and 37% of females in the survey conducted an interview in the first four weeks. Bar reported masturbation, while another survey reported 53% of males and 18% of females reported masturbating once in the last seven days.

In 2009, the Netherlands and other European countries also joined the race by the U.K. Government to encourage teens to masturbate at least daily. Everyday an orgasm was defined as an authority in their health instruction manual.

This was done in response to data and experience from other EU member states. Doing so has been shown to be helpful in preventing unwanted pregnancy in teenagers, reducing sexual diseases and promoting healthy habits.


It is generally considered immoral and harmful in many societies. But, the opinion of the experts is reversed and they consider it to be beneficial for the health of men and women along with the feeling of happiness.

Masturbation is a sexual activity, which is done to calm the mind and reduce penile or vaginal stimulation. It has many mental and physical health benefits. According to a study, the benefits of masturbation are only as long as it is limited in quantity.

But, some studies suggest that sexual arousal can be increased through masturbation. Experts believe that masturbation is a part of healthy sex life. Let us know about the benefits of doing masturbation:

1. Masturbation Relieve Mental Stress:

Mental stress is a common problem in today’s lifestyle. Nothing feels good due to mental stress. You will be surprised to know that when someone is under stress or their mood is bad, then masturbation or sex acts like a medicine.

The reason for this is that masturbation helps to release feel good neuro-chemicals i.e. dopamine and oxytocin in your body. These neuro-chemicals act to improve your mood and reduce stress. In some cases masturbation is considered very effective in reducing depression.

2. Masturbation Relieves Sexual Tension:

It reduces sexual tension because by doing this a man or woman is satisfied, as a result, he/she has no sexual desire in his/her mind. So, we can say that the benefits of masturbation are helpful in relieving sexual tension.

3. Masturbation to Get Enough Sleep:

In most cases, sleep is good after masturbation. Yes! According to research by French Institute of Health and Medical Research, one gets good sleep after masturbation. This is the safest and better way to relieve insomnia, especially for men.

According to doctors, hand practice secretes endorphins in the body, which removes insomnia and helps you get better sleep.

Prolactin hormones make men sleep better after masturbation. This hormone suppresses the level of dopamine and helps in getting plenty of sleep.

4. Masturbation Helps Relieve Premature Ejaculation:

If you have problems with premature ejaculation, you can easily fix it. All you have to do is masturbate before sexual intercourse. With this, you will be able to enjoy sexual intercourse for a long time and your problem will also be solved.

5. Masturbation Relieves from Nightfall:

There can be many reasons for dreaming, i.e., night fall, but it can be treated by masturbation. So, if you have a problem with regular nightfall, you can improve your condition by masturbating 2-3 times a week. It will also improve your sperm count and prevent night fall.

6. Protect Against Sexual Dysfunction:

Nowadays sexually transmitted diseases are spreading very fast. So, it’s very important that you take all those precautions so that you never have to face any sexual disease.

Masturbation is the best way to avoid sexual diseases. It not only protects you from the fear of unwanted pregnancy but also protects you from HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Lowers the Risk of Prostate Cancer:

For males, masturbation helps to reduce the risk of cancer of prostate, likely by giving the prostate a possibility to flush out potential pathogens of cancer.

Masturbation also enhances immune function by increasing cortisol levels, which may modulate immune functioning in small doses. According to researches doing regular masturbation may lower the risk of prostate cancer. But, doctors aren’t completely sure about this.

A 2016 research states that the risk of prostate cancer decreased by 20% in men, who masturbated at least 21 times a month. A 2003 study also revealed that there is a direct correlation between frequent masturbation and lower prostate cancer risk.


During pregnancy, hormone change can cause some pregnant ladies to feel heightened sexual desire. Masturbation is a safe way to release your sexual tension during pregnancy. It may also help to lower back pain during pregnancy.

You may feel irregular, mild cramping, or Braxton-Hicks contractions, during and after orgasm. They should fade away.

But, if contractions don’t disappear and become more frequent and more painful, you should contact your doctor right away. Masturbation may not be safe with high-risk pregnancies. It’s because orgasm can increase the chances of labor.


Girls get all the benefits mentioned above, as well as, it creates your pelvic muscles strong, which strengthens your reproductive organs and makes your sexual life really amazing.

Not only this, regular masturbation also reduces the pain and cramps in your periods. Masturbation can be used to relieve menstrual problems. Pain during menstruation is relieved due to the chemical released from masturbation.

Laura Streatcher, professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Feinberg School of Medicine, says, “Masturbation increases wetting so that it removes vaginal dryness and relieves pain.” For females, masturbation can help out with preventing bladder ailments and infections during the opening of the cervix.

Masturbation reduce sleeplessness through tension and hormonal release can lower risk of diabetes, and increase floor strength. There’s no risk of pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, there’s no risk of unsatisfactory a partner or of performance nervousness, and there’s no emotional baggage.

According to the magazine ‘Sexual and Relationship Therapy’, it increases immunity and prevents infection. Many researches have shown that people who have high orgasm have high levels of immunoglobulin A, which helps in preventing colds.

It makes one feel relieved at the physical and psychological level. There is a misconception among people that masturbation has a bad effect on sexual relations. Experts believe that this is a complete misconception. In fact, the opposite happens and masturbation gives a chance to have a better sex. It also helps those women, who have problems of not having orgasm.


Youngsters are most likely to initiate masturbation and in this case, feel like masturbating again and again during the day. Masturbation is not harmful, as long as, it is done in small quantity, although some people consider masturbation to be wrong.

Apart from this, some people also believe that masturbation for a long time can cause some problems. Although, there are no disadvantages of masturbation, but sometimes wrong or excessive copulation can have serious consequences. Some of the main side-effects of doing masturbation may include:

1. Masturbation Affects Sperm Count:

The number of sperms in men starts decreasing due to regular masturbation several times. It also affects their ability to become father.

Also, regular masturbation can reduce or increase your time of satisfaction. In addition, your ejaculation time may also increase or decrease. Apart from this, the habit of masturbation is the main cause of erectile dysfunction disease.

There are millions of sperm in our semen, which helps in becoming us father. But those, who masturbate excessively, their sperm count decreases greatly.

2. Swelling on the Penis:

There are many people who start masturbating very fast in a hurry. Due to which the liquid water released before their semen goes into the muscles of their penis.

The result of this is that the person’s penis starts swelling and stays there until it mixes back into the blood. It becomes a serious problem, if it happens again and again.

3. May Affect Penis Muscles:

Sometimes trying to tighten or bend your penis tightly while masturbating, it can be harmful due to the disease, named ‘Peyronie’.

Not only this, there can also be a penile fracture, i.e., your penis muscles can break. People often hold their penis very firmly while masturbating and start pressing or turning them, they think that doing this will not eject semen.

This is not the right thing to do. By doing this you may face a serious problem. Penis becomes crooked when there is peyronie’s disease, you can easily see its curvature in case of muscle tension.

Masturbation in excess amount often injures the tissue of the penis and due to this, these tissues start getting destroyed. Many times the stimulation and excitement of penis stops.

If your excitement is over, then your married life can be ruined because if you are not able to satisfy your partner, then it will surely affect your relationship.

4. Masturbation and Guilt:

As much enthusiasm is there before and during masturbation, the same amount of guilt occurs after that. Whenever masturbating, people start hating themselves after doing it, which is the biggest loss.

Sometimes, masturbation causes stress and pressure in your mind and soul. Also, it can cause depression after ejaculation and the person feels bad.

5. Weakness:

Calories are required to run the body and if you masturbate, then you spend your calories in it, so that instead of making your life good for a little pleasure, you make it worse. Excess masturbation can never make your health good.


Experts differ about masturbation. Some believe that this is not a problem, but some believe it is harmful. It is important to understand that masturbation is not a problem. But, the addiction to masturbation is a psychological disorder that a person needs to be treated. This is the problem, if a person finds himself to do this. If he enjoys masturbation more than having sex, then it is a disorder.

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