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What is delayed ejaculation? It’s causes, symptoms, risk, prevention and treatments

Delayed Ejaculation Problems


Delayed ejaculation is sometimes known as impaired ejaculation. This is a situation in which men take longer to reach the peak of sexual excitement during sex, which also causes their semen to come late. In some people suffering from the problem of delayed ejaculation, semen also stops completely.

The problem of delayed ejaculation may last for some time or even lifetime. Some types of long—term illnesses, surgery or certain types of medications can potentially cause delayed ejaculation. Treatment of this problem depends on its internal causes.

Sometimes delayed ejaculation is considered a common condition. If the problem of delay in ejaculation continues or it is causing concern for you or your partner, then it is considered a serious problem.


Those who have problems with delayed or late ejaculation need to remain agitated for 30 minutes or more to get an orgasm. Some people suffering from this problem also become completely unable to ejaculate.

Delayed or Impaired Ejaculation Symptoms

The most common form of delay in ejaculation is one in which a man is unable to achieve orgasm during sex but he/she achieves oral sex by hand stimulation or masturbation. Some people get orgasm only by masturbation.

On the basis of symptoms, the problem of delayed ejaculation is mainly divided into the following types —

Lifelong Vs. Acquired:

The lifelong condition of delayed or impaired ejaculation is present in men from the time they are mature to sexual activity. The acquired condition of delayed ejaculation normally occurs after performing sexual activities.

Generalized Vs. Situational:

The general state of delayed ejaculation is not limited to some sex partners or certain types of ejaculations. Whereas the situational problem of delay in ejaculation occurs only during certain circumstances.

These categories help to check for delayed ejaculation and this helps to determine the most effective treatment for this problem.



If you are having problem of delay in ejaculation then you should first consult your family doctor. The doctor should be shown if you feel the following problems —

  • If the delay in ejaculation is causing a problem for you or your partner
  • You have any other health related problem that is associated with delayed ejaculation
  • If you are eating some medicines that are causing late ejaculation
  • If you are experiencing other symptoms along with the problem of delay in ejaculation


The problem of delay in ejaculation is also caused by some type of chronic disease, surgery and taking some types of medicines. Apart from this, due to the consumption of certain drugs or mental conditions such as anxiety, depression or stress etc., ejaculation problems also begin. In many cases the problem of delayed ejaculation is due to a combination of several physical and mental problems.

Some physical causes that cause delay in ejaculation —

  • Pelvic vein, controlling the organ is affected
  • Certain types of infections
  • Neurological diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, stroke or damaged spinal nerves
  • Hormonal diseases such as hypothyroidism or low testosterone levels
  • Prostate surgery such as transurethral reaction of the prostate (TURP) or prostate removal
  • Heart disease
  • Some types of birth defects that affect your reproductive system
  • Prostate infections
  • Urinary tract infection

Some mental problems that can cause delayed ejaculation —

  • Depression, anxiety or other mental health problems
  • Having relationship problems due to stress, reduced colloquialism or other types of anxiety
  • Worried about sexual performance
  • Cultural or religious ban
  • Feeling the difference between sexual fantasies and real sex with your partner

Certain types of drugs or drugs that cause delayed ejaculation —

  • Certain types of anti-psychotic drugs
  • Alcohol, especially excessive alcohol consumption
  • Most types of depression prevention medicines or antidepressants
  • Some types of medicines that prevent high blood pressure
  • Certain types of diuretic drugs

Some minor physical problems in some men also cause delayed ejaculation. The person also worries about ejaculation problems while having sex. The resulting anxiety can make the ejaculation delay more severe.


There are several factors that increase the risk of developing the problem of delayed ejaculation, including —

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis
  • Certain types of medical treatment such as prostate surgery
  • Medications such as depression prevention medications, high blood pressure medications and diuretics
  • Delay in ejaculation is a common condition with aging
  • Psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety etc.
  • Relationship problems like not being able to talk openly with your partner
  • Consuming alcohol or taking other illegal drugs, especially if you have been consuming alcohol or any other narcotic for a long time


As this problem is caused by many physical and mental problems, so no prevention method can prevent the delay in ejaculation. However, adopting the following methods may help —

  • Exercise regularly
  • Try to manage stress level
  • Get enough sleep
  • Seek help from doctors or experts to get rid of depression or anxiety
  • Try to spend a quality time with your partner as possible to cultivate a love affair
  • Avoid to consume alcohol
  • Do not take cannabis and other illegal drugs
  • Stop tobacco or smoking
  • If you have any long term illness or any other health related problem, then definitely get it treated


To determine the best treatment for the problem of delay in ejaculation, only a physical examination of the patient is required and to know about previous medical conditions.

However, if the delay in ejaculation is due to an underlying problem that needs to be treated, then you need to get more tests done. You may also need to go to a specialist.

Tests to be carried out to detect underlying problems are —

  • During physical examination, your penis and testes are examined very carefully. Doctors can touch your genitals lightly to find out if your genitals are normally sensed
  • Your blood sample is taken and sent to a lab for testing to check for heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone levels and other types of diseases
  • A urine sample is tested to check for diabetes, infection and other underlying problems


To treat the problem of delayed ejaculation, doctors first find out the cause. Doctors have to determine whether the delay in ejaculation is due to a psychological problem, an internal physical problem or any other disease.

Treatment of delayed ejaculation depends on the underlying causes of the problem. Medications for delayed ejaculation may also require medication, and changes in the medications you are currently taking. During the treatment, mental counseling is given to the patient and if the patient is intoxicated then it is also detected.


If you are eating depression prevention medicines or antidepressants due to which you have a problem of delay in ejaculation, then you can be treated with certain types of medicines.

Sometimes reducing or changing the dose of the medicines you are eating also helps. In some cases, adding some more medicines to the drugs you are currently consuming may also work.

There is no medicine that has been approved to treat delayed ejaculation. The drugs that are used to treat the problem of delayed ejaculation are mainly used to treat any other disease. Certain types of medications that are sometimes used to treat delayed ejaculation —

  • Amantadine (Parkinson’s disease)
  • Buspirone (anxiety prevention drug)
  • Cyproheptadine (allergy)

Psychotherapy or Psychological Consultation:

With the help of psychotherapy, internal mental problems are detected which cause delay in ejaculation like depression and anxiety etc.

With the help of this therapy, problems can also be detected which directly affect the ability to ejaculate. For this, you may have to go to a mental specialist or psychologist on your own or with your partner. You can also benefit greatly by visiting a sex therapist or mental specialist doctor who can give information about sex related problems, they solve your anxiety through talk therapy.

What may be the best consultation for you depends on your specific problem and your concern.


  • Decreased sexual pleasure for a man or his partner
  • Anxiety or depression due to sexual performance
  • Problems in relationships due to lack of satisfaction in sex life
  • Inability to make your partner pregnant (male infertility).


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