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What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Wearing Underwear

What Happen When You Stop Wearing Underwear

For many, it may be an odd choice when deciding to stop wearing underwear. At other hand, for some individuals, wearing underwear is as much of a routine as breathing. You put it on under your clothes on a regular basis before heading to work, school, or the gym. Maybe you prefer rainbow — colored boy shorts over barely-there lace thongs or bikinis — there are a lot of options out there!!

But why do we wear underwear at all? There is no explanation as to why we wear underwear, but the most common reason is that it’s viewed as a societal norm. So, if we’re wearing it because that’s what we have been conditioned to do, is it really necessary? 

Hanging Underwear

More and more women are choosing to forgo underwear for health, appearance or comfort — no one likes panty lines or wedgies. And while wearing it has its benefits, going commando may actually do some good, but the choice to wear an underwear or not ultimately comes down to personal preference.

However, your vaginal area is very happy and healthy when it has a chance to breathe. But before you ditch your panties, you may wanna know what happens to your body when you stop wearing underwear. 

Wearing Underwear At Night —Good Or Bad?

Many doctors believe that whether or not any woman or man should wear underwear at night, that person should decide according to their convenience and ease.

Every woman and man choose to wear underwear or not for different reasons, but is it right to do so because if we do not give rest to our private parts even at night it can cause many health problems.

A Pair of Women Panties

Wearing the same underwear throughout the day can cause stench, wetness and bacteria to develop, which can cause many infections and women and men may feel pain, burning and itching in the vulva and penis, respectively.

1. It’s just very comfortable When You Stop Wearing Underwear.

The very first reason of course is that going commando or not wearing panty or an underwear is that it is very comfortable. So the first benefit of not wearing underwear is that your private parts are not harassed by getting locked up inside a piece of cloth. Your pants can now be closer to your sex organs, and you would realize how happy you really are.

2. When You Stop Wearing Underwear You May Reduce The Chance Of Having Bacterial Infection.

When you sleep at night without wearing an underwear, your personal organs get rest and the vagina of women becomes dry due to which there is no risk of bacterial infection.

A Pair of Underwear or Panties

All of us are wearing tight underwear throughout the day, due to which our organs do not get a chance to breathe freely due to which the discharge from our private organs is absorbed by our underwear throughout the day, which makes us feel irritation or itching.

It starts happening, so it is believed that you should give breathe to your organs while sleeping at night.

3. When You Stop Wearing Underwear You May Increase The Sperm Count.

It is believed when guys sleep with an underwear at night, their testicles could not get rest and the heat of men’s testicles could not get out which affect the sperm count badly. Therefore, men are advised to sleep without wearing underwear, so that the heat from their testicles is able to get out and they can increase their sperm count.

Sperm Counts

Although, it was believed that a tight underwear can reduce a man’s fertility, recent research has shown that it does not cause much harm even when a man goes to bed with his underwear. Therefore, men can choose what they like but if they do not wear underwear at night, they will definitely benefit from it.

4. When You Stop Wearing Underwear You May Get Better Sleep.

Some studies have found that sleeping on underwear or other tight clothes at night keeps us restless overnight.

Sleeping Woman on Bed

This is probably because our clothes may not be able to adjust with our body temperature changes while we are sleeping. So sleeping without underwear increases our sleeping time and makes it better.

5. When You Stop Wearing Underwear It May Improve Circulation.

If you stop wearing panty or underwear, it may not just be more comfortable for you but it could also help to improve your blood circulation, especially if you’ve typically worn tight shapewear for a slimmer appearance.

Woman Stretching

And since these shapewears is generally tougher to get pull down, some women may experience it a challenge to use the restroom. You don’t have to worry about that when you’re not wearing underwear. 

6. When You Stop Wearing Underwear You Don’t Get Transition To Ureter.

The most common infection in the ureter of women is due to bacterial growth in the genital organ.

A Set of Underwear

This infection causes the uterus to enter the ureter of women, causing a number of serious diseases, but if sleeping without wearing underwear at night, the flow of air becomes faster causing the ureter to dry and the risk of infection can be avoided.

7. When You Sleep Without Underwear It Doesn’t Cause Itching And Burning In The Private Parts.

Sleeping with an underwear may increase the chance of sweat which result in a wet vagina and penis.

Thong Underwear

It can cause itching and burning sensation around the organs. So it is advisable, whenever going to sleep at night, take off your underwear and sleep so that your personal organs will get a chance to dry and there is no chance of having infection.

8. You May Experience A Strong Smell Down There If You Stop Wearing Underwear During Workouts.

If you’ve decided to stop wearing underwear on a regular basis, you should know it’s pretty safe to go underwear—free at workout or on your morning run — but you might notice odor or smell coming from your lady parts faster.

If you’re underwear—free, there’s no barrier between you and your workout leggings or shorts.

You May Experience A Strong Smell Down There If You Stop Wearing Underwear During Workouts

So, instead of the sweat hitting your panty or underwear, it goes straight to your pants. Choosing not to wear underwear or panty during a workout ultimately comes down to personal preference, and it may actually even improve your performance.

9. When You Stop Wearing Underwear You May See Less Vaginal Discharge.

Vaginal discharge is a combination of bacteria, vaginal skin cells, and mucus and fluid from the cervix and vaginas. You may experience less discharge if you stop wearing panty altogether, especially if you normally wear non—cotton panties. It’s because panty or underwear may prevent “PROPER VENTILATION” in your private parts, which leads to more discharge. 

Woman in a Skirt

Although, vaginal discharge is absolutely normal and typically not a cause for concern. Unless the women’s discharge is a result of antibiotics or stress, which may lead to an infection.

But since going commando allows your private parts to breathe properly, there may not be as much wetness down there, and you may avoid this problem altogether.

10. You May Avoid Digestive Problems If You Stop Wearing Underwear.

Tight undergarments may cause pressure on the stomach and, as a result, push acid into the esophagus, causing the digestive condition.

If you do not have acidity or acid reflux problem yet, but have a predisposition to it, then wearing tight underwear could tip you over the edge into being a sufferer.

Woman Holding Stomach

Also, if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, tight wearing shapewear can worsen your symptoms.

11. You’ll Lower Your Risk Of Fungal Infections If you Stop Wearing Underwear.

Panties and underwear can contain moisture and heat and place the tissues of vulva at an increased risk of developing a fungal infection called tinea cruris. It can be incredibly itchy much like a vaginal yeast infection. But, if the air is allowed to flow in private areas, it may be less likely to happen.

12. There’s Less Friction While Exercising If You Stop Wearing Underwear.

You can imagine how messy things can get whilst working out, If underwear traps sweat and moisture throughout the day. And, that’s why it may be a great idea to workout without panties, in order to let air flow more freely.

Woman Doing Workout

It can also decrease the risk of chafing, due to the lack of friction between fabric and the skin. It is, however, a personal choice!

You may find that wearing underwear helps to absorb sweat and keeps you more comfortable, but it should be immediately removed after the workouts. Staying in wet underwear for a prolonged amount of time may lead to yeast infections.


Should I wear underwear at bedtime or not? This question is in the mind of every man and woman. Because many people hesitate to take off their underwear and sleep, but is it right to do so? Should one wear undergarments while sleeping?

The delicate parts of our body also need to breathe and if we sleep in night wearing tight clothes or underwear, then these parts of our body cannot breathe freely. But if you are not used to it and you feel uncomfortable, then you should not sleep by taking off your underwear, but instead you should wear loose pajamas and shorts so that your limbs can be relaxed and they can breathe freely. By doing so, the moisture in your vagina and penis will be removed and bacterial or fungal infections and other infections can also be avoided.


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