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Fishy vaginal odor: How to get rid of smelly vagina?

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When a female has a fishy vaginal odor, everything in her life requires a toll. She no longer has any assurance about herself since she thinks that what’s happening to her it’s dirty and not right.

If you’re a female who’s currently living with a smelly vagina, then you know how hard life’s right now. The dreadful odor that is coming from the body is making it difficult to you for have the drive for do anything besides sit at home in sadness.

Vaginal Smell

Your fishy vaginal odor makes you overlook some particular events held by friends or colleagues. Although you actually wish to go, you don’t wish to get close to someone so they’d be able to odor that fishy odor which you have been plagued with. 

In addition, this fishy vaginal odor is taking a horrible effect on your sex life. You don’t want anyone getting near you as you fear that they’d immediately think your own hygiene is lacking and which you are filthy.

Smelly Pussy

The only thing you wish to be successful at you, is for your own vaginal odor to go away. You would like to cure your smelly vagina, so you may get your life back. Unpleasant vaginal discharge and odor is a problem that plagues countless females and may reoccur every few months.

There are effective treatments for the illness which don’t only mask the odor, they really treat the problem and eliminate it.

If you’re tired of feeling self conscious and also if you shy away from others due to your bad vaginal odor discover more about what you may do to solve the problem, from this informative article you can rid yourself of unpleasant vaginal odor today.

Fishy Vaginal Odor


Fortunately, there are things you may do at home which are inexpensive and effective. The following techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual pussy odors:

1. Practice Good Hygiene:

Safe and gentle vaginal hygiene practices may help to treat vaginal odor. Some strategies may include:

  • Change your underwear daily, when it gets sweaty
  • Wash your underwear with unscented products or soaps
  • Take a shower after a sweaty workout, as trapped sweat can increase the chance of vaginal odor
  • Urinate immediately after having sexual intercourse
  • Use a fragrance-free gentle soap, on the vulva only. Inserting soap into the vagina can disbalance the vaginal pH, which cause vaginal infections and odor
  • Wipe your vagina front to back, as it prevents fecal matter from getting inside the vagina
  • If you got stuck with smelly pussy, wash your vulva with water
  • Use a washcloth to gently clean the vaginal area

2. Use Only Exterior Deodorizing Products:

If you are fond of using deodorants and perfumes, you should take precautions, as they can upset the pH chemistry of vagina and may lead to vaginal odor. If necessary, only use them on the outer area of your pussy, don’t try to insert them.

3. Take Caution While Choosing Your Underwear:

Take caution while selecting your panties as a good clothing or fabric take you away from many unpleasant things, such as sweat, discharge, leaked semen from earlier intercourse and other source of odor.

If you normally wear polyester, satin or silk panties, make them switch to 100% cotton, as cotton is a breathable fabric that keeps you away from sweat, moisture and body fluids. Also, avoid wearing very tight-fitting clothes, such as shape-wear, as it can promote fecal matter to travels around vaginal area. It can cause vaginal odor and infections.

Vaginal itching

4. Use Internal Menstrual Products:

Many women may notice an unpleasant smell from their vagina, when they get their periods. It may be due to the moisture of maxi pads, as wet maxi pads may lead to vaginal odor. Sitting with a wet vaginal pads can also contribute to vaginal infection or vaginal odor.

Instead, you can use internal menstrual product, that are easily available in the market, such as menstrual cups, a feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during periods.

Get rid of vaginal odor

5. Caution While Having Sex:

Many times you may notice a strong fishy smell immediately after having sexual intercourse, that can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis. Sometimes the interaction between vaginal fluids and semen can contribute to vaginal smell or odor. Be careful, as many lubricants can disturb the vaginal pH chemistry, which results to vaginal odor.

To reduce the odor associated with vaginal intercourse take following precautions:

  • Avoid using scented or flavored lubricants during sex
  • Wear a condom while having sex, as it prevents semen from coming into the contact with vaginal fluids
  • Rinse the vulva and vagina gently with plain water immediately after having sexual intercourse
  • Before purchase, compare different condom brands and purchase the best one

6. Focus On Your Diet:

Stop consuming very sugary foods because they can trigger an overgrowth of yeast, which can change the odor of the vagina.

Some evidence found that several strong-smelling foods, such as onion, coffee, can also change the vagina’s smell by changing the smell of sweat and other body fluids. Some sweet-smelling foods, like apple, celery and watermelon might help.

Drink plenty of water! It keeps your body hydrates and helps to detoxify it. Hydrated body prevents bacterial overgrowth. It can also prevents unpleasant smell of sweat and resulting in reduced vaginal odor.

7. Probiotics:

Use of probiotics help to support healthy bacteria throughout human body, including your pussy or vagina. It can help to prevent vaginal infections, especially yeast. Probiotics also help to keep vaginal pH balance at normal levels, thus help to reduce vaginal odor.


Try taking a tub. Taking a hot tub just makes you feel much better about yourself. It reduces a few of the odor and you feel confident again. Women with vaginal odor may also try tea tree oil. Although it has very little medical study to support it, but this oil has some antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties and can help to eliminate vaginal odor and the possibility of bacterial infections.

For this, you need to mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with water. Apply this remedy to outside of your vagina. Observe for 3 to 5 days. If remedy doesn’t work, discontinue the use. Hope all tips will help you to treat vaginal odor problems. Still, if you have constant issue, consult your doctor immediately.

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