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8 Craziest things women can do with their vaginas!

8 Craziest Things Women Do With Their Vaginas

What did our vaginas do? Ever since back in the days when pubic hair became uncool, women were doing some fairly batshit things to produce their vaginas feel better, look fresher and odor like anything besides a vagina.

You probably didn’t think there was much of anything you could do with your vagina that wasn’t related to sex or childbirth, did you? Well, it turns out the answer to that question is actually yes! It turns out that there are even crazier items you might do with your vagina besides giving birth to a child.

1. Vaginal steaming or V-steaming:

If you’re struggling with chronic health issues, particularly female problems like fibroids, vulvodynia or pelvic pain, vaginal steaming might help. Steam helps open up your pores and soften your cervix so that when it comes time to push out a baby (or if you use herbs or a midwife to induce labor), you’ll be in top form. Steaming also gives your vagina an all-natural self-cleanse and can help relieve painful sex due to vaginal dryness.

A well-maintained vagina is crucial to a woman’s overall health. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do with your vagina beyond sex and childbirth. Like exfoliating it! Sounds crazy, but using a warmed shaving cream on your vaginal walls not only gets rid of dead skin cells, but also cleanses your cervix and uterus.

Don’t miss out on basic grooming. While it’s tempting to let your hair grow down there and forget about it, you could end up with some embarrassing problems like irritation, itchiness or a yeast infection. Nip those issues in the bud by making sure you are taking care of your bikini line!

And if you have very thick pubic hair, don’t be afraid to consult a waxing specialist and ask for a Brazilian wax. One of our favorite things to do with our vaginas is give them a good massage, particularly in conjunction with vaginal steaming. It’s so relaxing!

And you can use it as an excuse to schedule some time for self-care in your busy life. Just be sure not to go overboard. There are also soaps and creams that you can use to give yourself a light massage — while cleaning yourself up down there!

2. You’re able to keep it cool:

There are underwear, which function as central air for the vagina to keep it cool and reduce temperature by 3 levels. Not certain, but your boyfriend’s peen may have to wear a light jacket another time.😍😍

3. You may buy it a hat:

The Vaj-J Visor is a tiny hat which protects your vagina while shaving, waxing or tanning. You may dye it, this may be taking the entire carpeting and drapes thing a little too much. 

4. You may whiten it:

According to girls, who obviously spend too much time studying their vaginas, it’s better for the vagina to be as pale as a creepy china doll. Vaginal bleaching is all the rage in areas such as Thailand and India, where you essentially whiten your lady bits and do they look so pale they practically glow in the dark.

5. You may keep it minty fresh:

I wish I was joking, however, regrettably vaginal mints do exist. Yo can try to give your pussy minty fresh look. So, just go for it!!

6. You may give it a makeover:

Laser vaginal rejuvenation runs for between $4, 000 and $20, 000 and aims to make a woman’s vagina tighter than a vice grip that you know, to produce up for many years of promiscuity.

There’s also a more spending budget friendly option. If you wanna tight your pussy, you can use vaginal shrink gel that are easily available in the market or you can also purchase it online.

7. You may decorate it:

Like the college guy hanging out in a high school party, vajazzling is still around especially useful if your guy is distracted by shiny things.


A vajazzle (also known as vagazzle or bedazzle) is defined as the genital decoration, which is formed by the application of crystal ornaments, such as glitter, beads, or sequins on the shaved vaginal area of a woman.

8. You can remodel it:

If you’re unhappy with your labia minor, you might consider getting a labiaplasty. This surgery reduces and reshapes the folds of skin surrounding your vagina. Labiaplasty is usually performed in an outpatient procedure. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient, but there’s usually minimal scarring and pain after surgery.


And even though there are doctors that perform these types of surgeries, some people choose to do them at home, which is totally safe too. If you are searching for a brand new pair of drapes, a labiaplasty (or vulva surgery) will give you otherwise floppy, uneven vaginal opening a more proportioned, feminine look for $5, 000 or more.


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