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9 Best Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Obesity is rising for adults, in addition to teens, as well as adolescents being are threatened by the health threats. Teenagers have special needs that make them particularly susceptible to the risks of a diet that is planned. Changes and growth spurts mean that teens need high levels of energy, fiber, calcium, and iron, among other nutritional supplements. 

Jennifer C. Collins, M.A., M.S. and Jon E. Bentz, Ph.D. Lancaster General Neuro-psychology Specialists say that obesity is a psychological as well as a physical problem.

Since the emotional facets of obesity are significant, interventions and psychological evaluations became an element in a multidisciplinary approach to treat obesity, including the use of surgery. Eating disorders and obesity foundation generally lies mixture of environmental, psycho-social, and biological or genetic characteristics.

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9 Best Weight Loss Tips For Teens:

Here are a few weight loss tips for teens, which might help remain healthful while reducing weight —

1. Set Realistic Goals:

Reducing weight can be a battle for everybody, but is particularly more difficult as a teenager. Teens are still going through lots of changes, both physical and psychological.

Peer pressure is too high for children in this age and for obese teens, the pressure is even greater. However, it’s important to set realistic goals.

Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Teens, who want to reduce their body weight should always focus on improving health, not on body weight. Generally, overweight teenagers also deal with teasing, isolation, verbal abuse and other struggles. As well as worrying about their weight reduction struggles, they face lot of challenges.

Children who’re overweight have a quality of life comparable to children with chronic diseases such as cancer, says Kerri Boutelle, PhD, LP, a teenager and obesity expert at the University of Minnesota.

2. Cut Back on Sweetened Beverages:

Soda, sweet teas, energy drinks and fruit drinks are loaded with added sugars and contribute to weight gain.

Research state that these sugary beverages may lead to weight gain in many teens and also increase the chance of having certain medical conditions, such as type-2 diabetes, cavities and acne.

weight loss tips : Sugary-Beverages

Teenagers, whose parents frequently consume sugary beverages, are more likely to do this. So just avoid using them.

3. Add In Physical Activity:

Weight reduction may be achieved not only by cutting calories back, but by upping the amount of calories that you burn during exercise. By focusing on weight reduction, you can burn those additional pounds off without cutting back the nutrients that you need.

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between a sedentary lifestyle and the obesity. Having exercise or physical activity is one of the best weight loss tips for teens.

weight loss tips : Exercise-or-Workout

So, it’s necessary to do a plenty of exercise. Sitting less and moving more is an excellent way to reduce excess body weight. If exercise is not possible, follow these tips that will definitely help you to lose excessive body fat:

  • Walk as much as possible
  • Indulge yourself in outdoor activities, such as tennis, badminton, basketball or swimming
  • Develop an outdoor hobby, such as cycling, skating, trekking etc.

4. Join A Team:

Workout in a Group

Join a team that is swimming, get your mates together for volleyball games on the weekends, or simply walk around your neighborhood, but get outside and get moving.

5. Plan Your Meals:

Meal preparation keeps you in control. Just sit down and consider about your goals. Include protein, vitamin and fiber rich food to your diet plan.

weight loss tips : plan your meals

6. Don’t Skip Meals:

With the pressure of doing homework, going to school, and having a life, teenagers have the tendency of skipping meals — particularly breakfast. 

Skipping meals deprives your body of the nutrition it needs, reduces your levels of energy, and may send your body into starvation mode, that makes it harder to shed weight.

7. Don’t Get Disappointed:

Many teenagers are searching for a quick weight reduction. If you’re determined to lose too much weight too fast, you’re setting yourself up for failure as well as disappointment.

Talk to your physician to decide upon a reasonable weight reduction program for your circumstances.

8. Change Your Eating Habits:

Some eating habits such as, skipping meals or breakfast, eating too fast, varying meal time drastically, always eating dessert, snacking before bed or over-eating are the bad habits that contribute to weight gain.

Parents are advised to change the eating patterns of their children and replace these unhealthy habits with the healthy ones.

9. Do Not Be Too Hard On Yourself:

Weight reduction is tough for teenagers and also for adults, and it is going to take some time to achieve your perfect weight. So, have some patience and keep going!!

Tips For Parents:


Teens need support and parent’s support is a crucial factor in their success of losing weight. As a parent, here are several tips you may use to help your teenager shed weight. These guidelines about teenager weight reduction aren’t about what to feed your teenager or which makes them go to an exercise class.

Rather, these are hints about the way to be reassuring, the way to promote changes in their lifestyle and the way to open the lines of communication.

Be Supportive:

Take a seat with your teenager and have an open and sincere discussion around their weight. Let them know that it’s up to them to choose the steps needed for their teenager weight reduction. You are there to support them in anyway possible.

Let them know you’re there for advice and guidance when required in order that together you could make far healthy selections that may last a lifetime.

Act As a Role Model:

Assist your adolescent to shed weight by placing the tone and examples. Make sure your diet programs are much healthy selections by choosing leaner meats, including fruits and salads and reducing the fatty and fried foods. You might already be providing these healthful meals as acting as a role model.

If so, keep it up and promote your teenager to join you every night for these healthful family dinners. If you also need to shed weight yourself, then join teams who have your teenager and become diet buddies.


You can go to the grocery store together and plan the meals for that week. Working together on a common goal can be an excellent motivator for the two of you.

Engage with Your Teenager:

Parenting a teen can be a complicated business. Many parents face a daily internal battle with their teenager, trying to decide how much advice to give them verses letting them learn a life lesson.

Make them feel that you take care of them. Tell them that we all come in various sizes and shapes, making every one of us distinctive and individual. And, if they make certain changes in their lifestyles, they will be able to shed weight.


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