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15 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

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“Yoga or meditative exercise is an ancient form of activity and a method of living that focuses on your mind, body and soul. It is a widely inclusive practice for all ages. Yoga has probably the most fundamental breathing practices at its base which goes for purifying, adjusting and restoring our inward organs and their functions.”

Different breathing activities and fundamental asanas (a Sanskrit word which means “pose” or “posture”) help in expanding metabolic and heart rates.

It includes turning the body, forward and in reverse curves, reversals and different poses that assistance in opening up the generally rusted muscles and in this way encourage weight loss.

Yoga For Health

1. Wide-Legged Forward Bend Yoga Pose:

Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose (Prasarita Padottanasana))

In this yoga or meditative exercise, you need to spread your feet 3-4 feet separated, and twist forward at the HIPS, not the midsection.

It implies that your back ought to be as straight as conceivable when you twist, and you ought not just “hunch” forward.

In case you’re twisting appropriately, you will really feel a solid stretch in the hamstrings.

You can rehearse before the mirror to endeavor to get the right shape. Hold for 5-6 breaths. If you feel good enough, fasten the hands behind the back.

Endeavor to convey them up towards the roof to give the arms and shoulders an additional stretch.

2. Tree Yoga Pose:

Tree Pose (Vriksasana)

Try not to be tricked by tree present. It’s harder to adjust in this posture than it looks. Acquire your left foot to lay within your left thigh.

Keep your back straight. Your body may tend to fit forward when endeavoring to adjust yet bring your shoulders back up.

Keep your hands squeezed together at your heart to help with balance, at that point take a stab at lifting them over your head with your hands pointed towards the roof. Hold for 30 seconds, and rehash on the opposite side.

3. Half Boat Yoga Pose:

Half Boat Pose (Ardha Navasana)

This is an extraordinary yoga asana for weight reduction since it directly works the tummy!

You’ll feel your stomach muscles working hard as you attempt to hold this posture. Put your palms down on the ground for equalization, and raise the legs first.

When you feel stable enough, raise the arms so they are parallel with the ground. In the event that you feel this is as well “simple,” have a go at expanding the space between your knees and chest by reclining a little and moving the knees somewhat more remote far from you.

You should feel your abs consuming in case you’re doing it right!

Hold for 30 seconds. In the event that you feel good in this posture, have a go at fixing the legs for an additional test. This is full vessel posture, and it is substantially more hard to adjust in.

4. Lunge Yoga Pose:

Lunge (Anjaneyasana)

This is outstanding amongst other stances for extending the hips. Numerous individuals tend to have tight hips from sitting before a PC throughout the day.

It will likewise help increment your flexibility for the parts if that happens to be one of your objectives.

Remember that your hands can be wherever you need them to be in this asana, and their area regularly figures out what muscles you are extending.

On the off chance that you raise the arms up and tilt them in reverse, you will carry this stretch into the back and additionally the hips.

You can likewise convey the arms down to your sides and behind you a bit to extend the lower back.

The third alternative is to lay them on the knee before you, in spite of the fact that you won’t get as profound of a stretch in the hips. Ensure your front knee is as near 90 degrees as could be expected under the circumstances. Hold for 30 seconds, and rehash on the opposite side.

5. Chair Yoga Pose:

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

This is the yoga rendition of a squat hold and furthermore merited a spot among the yoga asanas for weight reduction. You will feel it in your quadriceps.

Keep the feet together and the arms straight above you as you bring down into a hunching down position. Ensure that you can even now observe your feet before your knees.

On the off chance that you can’t, your knees are twisted too far forward. Attempt to tuck your hips in marginally, and abstain from curving the back excessively.

Endeavor to get your thighs as near parallel to the floor as conceivable without trading off your frame. Hold for 30 seconds.

6. Side Plank Pose:

Side Plank (Vasisthasana)

It’s no big surprise that some type of the “board” made this rundown of yoga asanas for weight reduction.

The board and the majority of its varieties are incredible for the abs.

Start in consistent board position with your palms look down on the yoga mat, shoulder-width apart, and your toes together on the tangle.

Tilt your feet to one side with the goal that the external right half of your correct foot is contacting the tangle and the left foot is over the right.

Move your weight onto your correct hand as you expel your left hand starting from the earliest stage.

Gradually lift your left arm straight up in front of you towards the roof. Your hips and shoulders ought to be “stacked” in this posture, implying that they ought to specifically in accordance with one another and not inclining forward or in reverse. Hold for 30 seconds, and rehash on the opposite side.

7. Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose:

Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

This is viewed as a reversal in light of the fact that your body is topsy turvy! Reversals, for example, headstand, lower arm stand, and handstand can make yoga rehearse exceptionally fun.

Start with your back on the ground, your knees marginally twisted, and your feet noticeable all around.

Press your hands level on the ground, and utilize them to move yourself in reverse on your upper back.

As you do this, convey the hands to your lower back, simply over your hips, to keep yourself upright. Gradually expand your legs toward the roof.

Fledgling Modification: If you’re experiencing issues remaining up, put your hands on your hips to help bolster your weight better. Hold for 5-6 breaths, and work towards 30 seconds.

8. Revolved Lunge Yoga Pose:

On the off chance that you have to, keep the correct hand on the floor beside the left foot for help while getting into this posture.

Revolved Lunge Pose (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana)

Endeavor to keep your front knee bowed at a 90-degree point and your outstretched leg straight. Expedite your correct elbow to rest your left knee, and unite the hands.

Press the hands into one another to expand the stretch in the back and bears. Fix your center while in this posture for an additional exercise in the abs!

Hold for 5-6 breaths or up to 30 seconds, and rehash on the opposite side.

9. Warrior I (Virabhadrasana-I) Yoga Pose:

Warrior I is regularly executed as a “vinyasa” with Warrior II and Warrior III (beneath). This just implies they are executed as a “stream,” in which you move between various poses smoothly.

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

The warrior routine is an imperative piece of the yoga asanas for weight reduction and ought not be overlooked. Warrior I is like a high jump, yet the back foot is called attention to at an edge as opposed to tucked under.

Attempt to keep the front knee at a 90-degree edge, yet for some learners, your position may resemble the photograph above (somewhat higher than 90 degrees).

Attempt to hold it for 30 seconds, and progress into Warrior II (underneath).

Note: You will need to rehash each of the 3 of these postures as a vinyasa on the opposite side of the body after you are done with the principal side.

10. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana-II) Yoga Pose:

Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

From Warrior I (above), you will basically stretch out the arms out to the two sides, as presented above, as you move your chest and hips to confront indistinguishable course from your back foot.

Once more, attempt to keep the front knee at as near a 90-degree edge as could be allowed.

The arms ought to be parallel to the floor. Endeavor to hold it for 30 seconds, and progress into Warrior II (beneath).

Note: You will need to rehash each of the 3 of these stances as a vinyasa on the opposite side of the body after you are done with the main side.

11. Warrior III (Virabhadrasana-III) Yoga Pose:

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior III is the most troublesome of this vinyasa. It might look simple enough, yet holding this posture with the correct frame for in excess of a couple of moments can be very troublesome for apprentices.

From Warrior II, wind your chest to confront the forward bearing once more. Bring your arms straight out before you for balance.

Learners to yoga will likely need to convey the back leg up closer to the front to remain adjusted before lifting it.

Unite your palms at your chest as you lift your leg open to question since it helps colossally with balance.

When you get into position, gradually bring your arms out up before you. Note that the back toes ought to really be pointed for genuine shape, however amateurs can chip away at that from the photograph above.

It will require investment, quality, and adaptability to enhance your shape in this asana. Practice before a mirror, and practice it regularly. Endeavor to hold for 30 seconds, and afterward rehash the whole vinyasa on the opposite side of the body.

12. Crow Yoga Pose:

Crow Pose (Bakasana)

While this is one of the further developed yoga poses for weight reduction, honing it will enable you to consume calories and build arm quality.

Start in a low squat with your hands on the tangle before you and your fingers spread wide. Your knees ought to be more extensive than your arms.

Come up on your tiptoes, and place the knees on the edges of your upper arms. Your knees shouldn’t be specifically on the upper arms, however closer to the edges or outside of your upper arms.

Gradually move your weight forward until the point when your toes are scarcely contacting the ground. To start with, endeavor to lift one foot open to question, at that point the other.

Keep your back adjusted and your center locked in. The objective is to in the end have the capacity to hold the posture and fix the arms totally. Practice this few times each day, and you will build the quality and discover the parity to hold it!

Yoga can put a great deal of strain on the muscles and the body when you’re extending or working muscles that are not used often.

Make a point to come into kid’s represent whenever that your body feels like it needs a rest, particularly in any kind of backbends, for example, ruler of the move posture or wheel present.

13. Lord of the Dance Pose:

Lord of the Dance Pose (Natarajasana)

This is one of the more amateur yoga asanas for weight reduction, yet it works and feels incredible to extend in.

From a standing position, grab hold of your left lower leg with your left hand. Move your weight forward, and put your correct hand on your correct knee for help.

As you lean forward, curve your back, and press outward with your left foot. Tilt your tailbone back to help the curve in the back.

Gradually raise your correct arm forward when you feel that you are agreeable in the position. Ensure that the left leg is totally straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Rehash on the opposite side.

14. Upward Plank Pose:

Upward plank or Purvottanasana

This may appear somewhat hard to break towards the begin however the outcomes that this asana yield will abandon you much satisfied.

This works broadly on your back, shoulders, arms, spine, wrists and strengthens muscles. It is additionally incredible for the respiratory framework.

It is awesome for the center quality of the body as it chips away at your legs, inward thigh muscles as wells as hips.

15. Bridge Yoga Pose:

bridge pose

Lie down on your back with your hands extended sideways currently crease your knees, spread them out and raise your body up from your pelvis territory.

Take bolster from your hands and hold the position. This works ponders on your hips, thighs, stomach and in addition back.

Physical exercise has dependably been held essential for the general prosperity and also to keep well-being related inconveniences under control however it ought to dependably be remembered that any type of physical action will stay pointless and useless if not collaborated with legitimate eating routine.

Sit with your legs stretched in front of you. Put your hands behind your hips pointing towards your feet. Now, point your feet, prepare your body to rise up. Raise your body from the tailbone and try pulling your head back as well. It is the exact opposite of the position which you get in just before preparing for a conventional push up.


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