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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates



Dark chocolates are also known as dark black chocolates, black chocolates, sour chocolates or plain chocolates. It contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Most people consider chocolate as a junk food, that’s the reason why they avoid eating chocolate every day. But it’s not so, eating chocolate is not bad. Its over-consumption may not be considered good for health, but its adequate intake everyday gives you many health advantages.

Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and eating it also gives you a feeling of happiness, chocolate also stimulates you. Chocolate is also helpful in increasing weight. If the right amount of dark chocolate is eaten, it will benefit. The flavonoids found in cocoa are very strong, resistant and anti-inflammatory, which are very beneficial for the brain, heart and other parts of the body.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition

In this article, we’ll discuss about 10 amazing health benefits of dark chocolates.


Per ounce (about 28 g) of dark chocolate containing 70-85% cocoa solids provides (✔️)


Chocolate is something that no one refuses to eat. But when it comes to dark chocolate, many people do not like it. But, it really gives you many health advantages. The main health benefits of dark chocolates are —

1. Rich in Anti-Oxidants:

Dark chocolates are rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help to reduce free radicals, which destroy our cells by oxidation. Free radicals are the cause of aging and cancer. By consuming dark chocolate, many types of cancer and aging-effects can be avoided.

2. Dark Chocolates For A Healthy Heart:

Eating dark chocolate improves blood flow to the heart in your body and prevents blood clotting. Consuming dark chocolate doesn’t harden artery. Thus, it helps to reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. You will be pleased by eating dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Benefits for Health

A new study reveals that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases by improving glucose levels and lipid profiles. Consumption of flavon-rich dark chocolate may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as lowering blood pressure and decreased blood flow. Researchers at the University of Cambridge found in their study that regular consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

3. Dark Chocolates Help to Reduce Stress:

Dark chocolate contains magnesium, which helps to reduce stress. It helps in reducing the stress hormone, cortisol. Due to too much cortisol, you are unable to focus and feel pressure. Apart from this, eating dark chocolate also improves your memory. Problems like stress, anxiety are also reduced.

4. Good For Brain:

You may have heard that eating chocolate is harmful to health, but dark chocolate has many health related benefits. It contains less sugar and more cocoa, which is really very beneficial for your brain. Dark chocolates are also rich in many anti-oxidants, which are quite useful for brain power.

dark chocolates are good for your brain

They increase the power of brain by controlling unconnected oxygen particles, also called free radicals. Dark chocolate improves blood flow to the heart, as well as brain, thereby improving cognitive function and reducing the risk of many brain diseases. As more blood reaches the brain, it will work faster. This will increase short-term memory and focus.

5. Dark Chocolate Improves Your Mood:

Dark chocolate contains tryptophan. It is a type of amino acid, that helps in the release of serotonin and endorphins in the body. This affects your mood to a great extent. You are encouraged to do more work.

6. Dark Chocolate Reduces the Risk of Cavity:

Dark chocolate contains a good amount of theobromine, which is beneficial for dental health. Apart from this, it helps in strengthening enamel and also reduces other problems associated with teeth.

Chocolate and Dental Health

Also, eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of dental cavity.

7. As Beneficial as Exercise:

Eating dark chocolate gives your body the same benefits as exercising. Researches have found that chocolate contains a botanical compound, epicatechin, which activates muscles in the same way, as it does any activity related to exercise or sports. It is notable that aerobics, jogging, rope jumping or cycling increase the number of mitochondria in muscle cells. Epicatechin also does the same thing.

8. Keeps You Active And Energetic:

Everyone loves chocolates. But taking care of health, all chocolates are advised not to eat. According to Sports Nutritionist at Kingston University, eating dark chocolate makes a person more active than before. Actually, dark chocolate contains some ingredients that make us agile.

The amount of sugar in dark chocolate is less, so if you are feeling low then it will be good for you during that time. Dark chocolate is also an anti-oxidant, which retains energy. Similarly, epicapachin is found in dark chocolate, which releases nitric-oxide, which helps a person to become active.

9. Dark Chocolates For Healthy Skin:

Dark chocolate has bio-active compound, that can help your skin. Flavonols can protect the skin from sun damage, improve blood flow to the skin and provide hydration to the skin.

Dark Chocolates For Healthy Skin

10. Helps to Aid Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar:

The rich quantity of flavanols present in dark or black chocolates stimulate the production of nitric-oxide in the body. Nitric-oxide enlarges body blood vessels, which improves the blood flow and lowers the blood pressure levels. A research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (2015) compared the individuals with type-2 diabetes consuming of high-cocoa, polyphenol-rich dark chocolate Vs white chocolate.

Both consumed 25 grams of dark or white chocolate for about eight weeks. The researchers found that dark chocolate lowered the blood pressure levels, as well as, decreased blood sugar.


You must enjoy chocolate and eat dark chocolate, but try to eat it in small amounts, as it can easily increase the daily intake of saturated fat and calories.

Chocolates are delicious

Due to this, you can gain weight and you can be the victim of many diseases. That’s why you definitely enjoy the chocolate, but be careful. It is recommended to consume 20 to 30 grams dark chocolate per day.


Dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants, that can assist in preventing heart problems, lower blood pressure level and improve blood flow. Cocoa flavanols present in chocolate act as anti-aging. Individuals, who eat chocolate regularly, have a lower body mass index than those, who do not eat chocolate.


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