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9 Beverages To Avoid During Summer

9 Beverages To Avoid During Summer

Summer is here and means its time to cool-off from the heat by taking a nice drink. However, not all the drinks are best for the summer or when the weather is hot and humid. Some drinks can be worse for dehydration or making you even thirstier. Therefore, it is important to be cautious of the drinks you take during the summer.

The article below discusses 9 beverages that are terrible for the summer season. Thus, you can keep hydrating and cooling-off during the entire season.

1. Hot Coffee:

In the summer months, many people cannot go without their hot coffee in the morning. However don’t be surprised you find that as soon as you feel hungry, drinking a cup of tea or coffee gets in the way of cooling down. When things are sweltering, knocking back a steaming hot drink may seem like an OK way to start the day, but it’s raising your body temperature, otherwise you wouldn’t be so hot.

Also, in the middle of a hot spell, the caffeine in a cup of coffee is diuretic. If you are not drinking enough water with it to compensate, it can be dangerous. A cooler cousin of the iced coffee might be better to quench your thirst without giving up all your caffeine.

2. Energy Drinks:

Another drink to avoid during the hot summer months is energy drinks. Energy drinks aren’t just high in caffeine; they also have dangerous amounts of sugar and other stimulants that can cause dehydration and a faster heart rate.

As your body struggles to stay cool in the intense heat, there’s a lot of strain on the system. Throwing an energy drink into the mix can overwhelm your body and make you feel unwell faster or even provoke heat-related problems. Drink other hydrative alternatives.

3. Alcohol:

Another favorite of the summer party alcohol is best consumed with caution in hot weather. Alcoholic drinks make people urinate more often, resulting in dehydration, which is the last thing one wants in summer heat.

Alcohol also impairs the body’s ability to cool down, putting it at risk of overheating while exercising outdoors or at a party. Instead of another beer or one more cocktail, choose water or a tasty non-alcoholic drink to keep cool and hydrated in the sun.

4. Bottled Ice Teas:

On the surface, bottled iced teas may look like a healthy and refreshing way to wet one’s whistle on a hot summer day. However, most companies put enough sugar in the tea to knock a horse out cold or, at the very least, contribute to more dehydration rather than prevent, reverse.

Furthermore, the preservatives and artificial flavorings in these bottled iced teas may also be harmful to your health in the long run. An at-home-brewed iced tea will be the best and most satisfying option for hydration on a scorching day.

5. Fruit Juices:

Another choice you may assume is good and rejuvenating for summer hydration is fruit juices. However, those drinks are frequently filled with added sugars and are high in calories. In reality, high sugar levels could be thirst-promoting and cause your blood sugar level to rise.

Furthermore, fruit juices include little or no fiber, which may help to slow the absorption of sugar. Choose entire fruits or dilute your juice with water for a healthier hydration alternative.

6. Coconut Water With Added Sugars:

One well-known natural hydrator is coconut water, which is high in electrolytes and minerals. It is highly effective in revitalizing your body during summers. Unfortunately, most commercial varieties are high in added sugars.

Furthermore, due to the added sugar and sweetening agents, it causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly, leading to dehydration. Consider commercial coconut water with no added sweets, or even better, make it fresh at home.

7. Pre-Made Smoothies And Shakes:

It seems that pre-made smoothies and shakes are such a good option to keep you fresh and hydrated during summer. As it turns out, this is a common misconception. Most of these products contain sugars, preservatives, and artificial flavors that are not good for your health.

The point is that sugar not only contributes to too much glucose in your blood but also causes dehydration. In addition, there are no vitamins in these foods – such options are a boring mixture of fruits or vegetables. It is much more correct to drink smoothies, which you will make yourself using fresh whole fruits and vegetables.

8. Diet Sodas:

When the summer sun scorches, diet sodas may seem like a harmless way to cool down; however, they can be extremely deceiving. These soft drinks often have artificial sweeteners that shadow your body’s competence to control sugar while raising its demand for more sugared food.

Moreover, many diet sodas comprise caffeine, functioning as a diuretic, contributing to even further dehydration in summer. Instead of consuming diet sodas as an option for hydration, consider sipping flavored sparkling water with 100% fruit juices for a much fresher option.

9. High-Sodium Drinks:

Although high-sodium beverages such as some sports drinks and waters with flavors appear to be good for replenishing lost electrolytes when you sweat, they contain too much sodium that can result in dehydration.

If you consume high levels of sodium, your body will have to draw in even more water to balance out the level of sodium, and this may draw water away from your cells and cause you to feel parched.

It is important to replace electrolytes after intense exercise, but it’s crucial to select a product with a “good” electrolytes profile and avoid one with high levels of sodium to avoid passing out because of dehydration in hot weather.


This article indeed examined the importance of the right beverages in summer to ensure hydration and health. Focused on avoiding high-sugar and caffeinated products and alcohol, you guarantee that your body is hydrated and energized during the hottest days.

Finally, such products as water and non-sugared homemade iced tea or natural fruit waters are great alternatives. Choose the right options for yourself and enjoy this part of the year safely and with comfort.

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