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Best ways to stay hydrated other than water

Best Ways To Stay Hydrated Other Than Water

We’re often told that we must drink eight glasses of water daily to be our healthiest selves from a young age. While the number of glasses and fluid ounces fluctuates, it’s rare for anyone to quench their thirst and stay hydrated solely from water alone. Including some of the best ways to stay hydrated other than water is a surefire way to keep your body firing on all cylinders.

Milk Does A Body Good

After a driver earns the checkered flag in the Indianapolis 500, milk awaits them on Victory Lane. This tradition started in 1936 when Louis Meyer guzzled some of the finest buttermilk to celebrate. Many have thought milk would be one of the last things they’d want to drink after being in a cramped car for 500 miles, opting for a tub of cool water instead. Contrary to popular belief, milk is better to hydrate with than water.

Milk contains many nutrients that help you retain water, such as fat, protein, and sugar lactose. The best thing about milk is its sodium content. You tend to bloat when you eat a salty meal because you’re retaining excess water from the sodium you consumed. Milk has sodium traces that do the same thing, but you won’t feel as bloated as you would from scarfing down a bag of chips.

Have A Bowl Of Your Favorite Soup

Often, soup can be public enemy number one regarding sodium content and bloating. Your standard can of soup will nearly fulfill your recommended daily allotment of salt, so you know retaining water will not be an issue.

Another benefit of soup is its versatility. Soup will hydrate you on a warm day and keep you warm and hydrated on a cold day. Additionally, you can easily take soup with you in a thermos or something similar. Outdoor athletes should consider adding soup to their pregame routine, especially when some contests occur in cold weather. Warming up with it as you stretch and prepare yourself for pickleball, for instance, can be a game changer.

Sip A Fruity Smoothie

Munching on fruits and vegetables can be difficult throughout the day. However, combining and blending your favorite assortment to make a yummy smoothie is a wonderful way to stay hydrated and check the boxes for your daily dietary recommendations. A smoothie also acts as a fantastic meal replacement option if you are running behind and can’t prepare a continental breakfast before you begin the day.

Indulge In Oatmeal Or Overnight Oats

If you thought milk was surprising, how about adding something to said milk, like oatmeal? Oatmeal is also a great source of fluids. Oats absorb their cooking liquid, whether water or milk and swell as they cook.

Overnight oats are an option if eating hot, moist oatmeal during the summer doesn’t appeal to you. All the health advantages of heated oatmeal are there in cold overnight oats. Chia seeds are a great addition to overnight oats since they help fulfill your hunger for long periods.

The best ways to stay hydrated other than water may seem strange initially, but you will notice positive results if you incorporate them before physical activity. A hydrated individual can achieve personal records, so don’t discard these suggestions if you want to become a better you.

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