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What is a vajacial? The unexpected treatment for better vaginal health!

What is a Vajacial? The Unexpected Treatment For Better Vaginal Health!

How’s your vaginal health? It’s not something we talk about very often, even though it’s crucial to our overall health and wellness. A vajacial can provide all the care and treatment you need, so you can have the best vaginal health possible!

In the same way that facials can be an effective way to maintain the health of your skin, vajacial treatments can be used to maintain the health of your vagina. If you’re wondering why you should even use a vajacial and what benefits it could have for you, this guide will outline everything from the basic anatomy of your vagina to the different types of vajacial treatments and what they do in order to help you maintain overall vaginal health.

What is vajacial?

Before we get into why you might want to have a vajacial (the clever portmanteau of vajayjay and facial), let’s discuss what one is. A vajacial combines your favorite facial treatments, such as cleansing, exfoliation, masks, and moisturizers, with topicals specific to your vaginal health.

Just like other facials, you can schedule one at home if you have everything you need on hand. A vajacial requires some extra products beyond your everyday skincare regimen, but it’s still relatively simple to DIY at home. Just be sure to follow all of your facialist’s instructions for safe application and use of your vajacial products.

Now, let’s explore why you might want to have one.

There are many reasons why a vajacial may be helpful for you — from treating conditions like bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vaginal dryness to making your intimate skin soft and smooth. These reasons will differ from person to person, as well as depending on your medical history and current vaginal health. After all, there are over 20 common vaginal infections you can experience — each with their own unique symptoms.

Since we can’t fit every single reason for why you might want to have a vajacial into one post, here are some of our favorites:

1. You love beauty treatments.

This may be true for you if you’re someone who likes regular facials and takes pride in your appearance. Not only will you find these skin treatments relaxing, but they’ll also help to keep your intimate skin soft and smooth. In fact, many people notice an improvement in their vaginal health after just one vajacial. And who doesn’t want that?

2. You’re concerned about your vaginal health.

You may be interested in getting a vajacial if you’re having issues with dryness, itching, and pain. This can occur when you don’t maintain proper vaginal health — such as by not using feminine hygiene products or changing your tampon often enough. A vajacial can help to restore balance to your intimate skin and reduce any discomfort that you may have been experiencing.

3. You want to prevent infection.

If you’re someone who experiences BV, yeast infections, or other vaginal infections on a regular basis, you may want to consider getting a vajacial. Since these conditions are caused by an imbalance in your vagina — such as an increase in vaginal pH or an overgrowth of bad bacteria — having someone skilled at performing vajacials can help to restore balance and stop these conditions from recurring.

4. You want to improve your sex life.

You may want to get a vajacial if you find that your sex life has been negatively impacted by vaginal pain, itching, and dryness. When your intimate skin is balanced and healthy, you’ll experience less pain during intercourse. And when vaginal tissue isn’t dry or irritated, it also tends to be more elastic — which makes sex feel better for both you and your partner.

5. You want to get more in touch with your body.

A vajacial allows you to experience your body in an entirely new way. When you get a facial, you’re taught that there are skin care products and treatments available to help improve your complexion. But when it comes to vaginal health, many women feel ashamed or embarrassed. Getting a vajacial gives you access to information that can transform how you feel about your body — as well as how comfortable and confident you are during intercourse.

6. You want to get more pleasure out of sex.

If you experience pain during sex, you may feel self-conscious and avoid being intimate. And even if you’re not in pain, discomfort can be distracting and impact your enjoyment of intercourse. It’s an intimate skin treatment that helps to keep your vaginal tissue healthy — which can help reduce your risk of painful and uncomfortable vaginal symptoms, like itching and burning.

7. You want to reduce your risk of other health issues.

We’ve talked about how vulvovaginal symptoms can negatively impact your sex life. But beyond that, uncomfortable or painful vaginal issues can also have a serious impact on your physical health and well-being. Vajacial provides an opportunity to think about everything you don’t know about your intimate skin.

How do I know if I need one?

When you have vaginal symptoms that are causing distress, such as itching, burning or irritation, it can be hard to determine if your problems are caused by an infection or an overgrowth of yeast. A vajacial can help you get to root of what’s causing these symptoms and offer long-term solutions.

Vajacials are used to cleanse and exfoliate your vagina, in much of the same way you would use a facial scrub. Your vajacial may also be designed to address specific problems that you’re dealing with, such as bacterial vaginosis or vaginal yeast infections.

Vajacials may include an antibacterial wash, antifungal cream or even an acid wash. They will help to unclog pores and remove excess oil that may be causing issues with itching, burning or discomfort.

Your skin serves as your body’s first line of defense against all sorts of issues, so it makes sense that your vagina would benefit from a cleanse as well. This treatment can help you get rid of toxins and keep your intimate areas smelling fresh and healthy.

This type of treatment may be able to provide short-term relief from your vaginal symptoms, but if you’re suffering from chronic issues, it’s best to see your doctor. She can help determine if you have a yeast infection or an STI and may be able to provide treatments that will address these issues long-term.

Your vagina is an incredibly important part of your body, so make sure you take good care of it. A vajacial can help restore proper pH levels and give you some much-needed relief from common issues that many women experience.

Who can use a vajacial?

If you’re one of millions of women who have suffered from a yeast infection, BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), or UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), then using a vajacial could be your answer to better vaginal health. If you have recurring infections, there are some natural and holistic methods that can help your vaginally-inclined infections come to an end once and for all. A vajacial may be just what you need to restore balance in your nether regions!

Many women may not even be aware that they can use natural or holistic methods to treat common vaginal issues, such as infections, and instead are advised by their doctors to take antibiotics. Antibiotics work well in curing infections quickly but also come with side effects that often times go unnoticed by your average doctor’s office. Using antibiotics when you don’t have an infection is one of the main reasons why so many over-the-counter treatments for yeast infections exist.

After you’ve had your last yeast infection, BV, or UTI, what are you supposed to do? It would seem obvious that using one of these products before an infection sets in might help prevent these things from occurring ever again. You’re not crazy for thinking about it. In fact, I’d say it was a smart move. Consider using vajacials on a regular basis as part of your routine to keep your vagina in top shape!

The most common side effects of antibiotics include diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. Antibiotics may also cause skin rashes, itching and an increased sensitivity to sunlight. These are just some of the reasons why so many women who’ve suffered from infections or UTIs choose to rely on vajacials instead.

How to get the most out of a vajacial at home:

If you have never had a vajacial before, it might be difficult to figure out what exactly one entails. However, there are some easy ways to get the most out of your at-home beauty regimen. The first step in getting maximum benefit from your at-home treatments is to make sure that you’re keeping up with your skincare routine in between visits.

Your next step in getting a full vajacial from home is to figure out which products you need. In most cases, your regimen will include a cleanser and exfoliator, as well as an applicator for both your cleanser and serum. While there are some pre-made products that incorporate all of these into one, you can also buy each piece separately and make your own custom regimen.

Your final step in getting a full vajacial from home is to follow your routine every day. Most of these products are designed to be used daily, so you can incorporate them into your morning and evening routines just like you would with any other skincare product. If possible, follow up with an additional moisturizer at night before bed to lock in all of your serum’s benefits while you sleep. That way, you’ll wake up each morning feeling as beautiful and refreshed as ever!

By following these simple steps, you can easily get all of the benefits of professional vajacials at home!

Where can I have one done:

While having a vajacial done at your local spa may be tempting, you might actually want to consider doing it in your own home. A vajacial kit can be purchased online for as little as $50, and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through every step of preparing for and getting through your treatment. If you have any friends who have also done their own vajacials, invite them over for moral support!

A vajacial is done in your own home, so you don’t have to worry about finding child care, rescheduling your day around an appointment or making small talk with strangers while you’re getting waxed and buffed. Having your own kit also makes it easier to stick to a timeline.

You can schedule your vajacial for any day of the week and as often as you want. If you’re feeling tight, spotty or just want to take some time for yourself, do it!

Don’t feel like you have to wait for an acceptable time or check with anyone before booking another appointment. Make your own rules and don’t let anything stop you from taking care of yourself. What could be better than that?

Because you can easily do it in your own home, a vajacial gives you total control over who’s involved. Some women prefer to invite their girlfriends to lend moral support and to have fun together, while others prefer to be alone with their thoughts or books. No matter what you choose, you’ll still get all of the benefits of having your own vajacial kit!

Why are they so great?

While many women have used at-home products and procedures to care for their skin and bodies, few have tried vajacials. If you’re curious about whether you should try one of these at-home vaginal spa treatments, here are a few reasons why it might be worth your while.

There are several reasons to consider trying out vajacials as part of your at-home vaginal care routine. For example, you’ll find that vajacials will help your skin stay smooth and firm. Many women experience wrinkling and other negative effects on their vaginal skin due to aging or medical conditions. By adding in one of these spa treatments every so often, you can fight back against vaginal aging and enjoy smoother skin as you get older.

You can also consider vajacials as part of your overall vaginal health routine. By caring for your vaginal skin through these spa treatments, you’ll be better able to fight off infection and enjoy more comfortable sex. When you have smooth and healthy skin, it’s easier to stay away from itching and discomfort — which can both lead to infections if left untreated.

As you can see, there are several reasons to consider trying out vajacials as part of your at-home vaginal care routine. While it might seem odd at first, many women have found that these spa treatments help make sex more enjoyable and even keep them healthier overall.

If you’re looking for a way to care for your vaginal skin and keep it healthy, consider vajacials. These simple at-home spa treatments are gentle and can help fight off infection, reduce wrinkles, and generally make your vaginal skin look better. Just be sure to talk with your doctor before trying one of these treatments on your own!


You’re probably thinking, is there really much of a difference between a regular facial and a vajacial? Sure, they both exfoliate your skin and may help you with mild skin issues like irritation. But that’s where it ends. A regular facial lasts maybe 30 minutes to an hour, tops. If you decide to make an appointment for more extensive skin concerns—like acne or redness—you may end up spending more time at that spa than you had planned.


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