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Protinex vs Whey Protein: Which one is better for building muscle?

Protinex vs Whey Protein: Which one is better for building muscle?

What are the differences between Protinex and whey protein? Which one should you buy? The answer to these questions depends on your reasons for using protein powder and whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or both. That’s why I’ve made this guide that takes you through the pros and cons of each protein source and helps you find out which one will be better suited to your goals and lifestyle!

What is Protinex?

This review of Protinex whey protein is based on 3 months usage. I have been doing exercise/workout 5 days a week, 90 minutes workout in each day. My purpose of using Protinex was to gain more strength and muscle, but my experiment shows that Protinex did not give me any additional benefit over normal whey protein powder.

The result of Protinex experiment shows that even though it has very good and noticeable flavor, does not give me any additional strength or additional benefit over normal whey protein powder. However, if you feel like using Protinex, go ahead and try. If you are new to exercising, I suggest using normal whey protein powder and see how your body reacts to it.

I also tried to gain weight by eating as much food as I can, but that did not give me any additional benefit either. So, if you are looking to build more muscles, I would suggest using normal whey protein powder. Protinex would be very good if you want to gain weight (weight gainer), in addition of exercising and eating enough food.

What does it taste like?

Many people assume that because Protinex is a plant-based protein powder, it doesn’t taste as good as whey. The opposite is true! While other product tastes great even with water, you can also make it thicker by adding whole milk or soy milk to your shake. It blends well and won’t leave a chalky aftertaste in your mouth like some other products might. The taste is mild and pleasant — more like yogurt than hard cheese.

Is Protinex cheaper than whey?

If you factor in how much it costs to eat at a restaurant and how quickly fast food adds up, a bottle of Protinex can cost less than a meal out on its own. Try making your own breakfast smoothie — and skipping lunch — to save even more money.

Finally, if you’re not sure whether Protinex will work for you, try a bottle of unflavored Protinex first. That way, you won’t waste your money on product that doesn’t meet your needs or taste preferences.

How long does it take to digest?

Digesting proteins takes longer than digesting carbs and fats because they are complex molecules. It takes your body at least three hours to completely digest proteins. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea to limit your consumption of proteins with long digestion times, and focus on lean meats that have a quicker digestion time.

Proteins with a long digestion time are your best options before bed, if you want to digest them overnight and feed your muscles when you sleep. Protinex is great in that regard because it takes about two hours to completely digest, providing your body with a steady stream of nutrients during sleep. Whey, on the other hand, takes three times as long to digest. If you consume it before bedtime, it may leave your stomach by morning.

While it does take two hours to digest Protinex, it also makes you feel full for a long time after eating. Whey, on the other hand, makes you feel fuller than Protinex at first but provides a very short-lived feeling of fullness. Over time, you may not feel as satisfied with Protinex as you would with whey, so keep that in mind if weight loss is a goal.

But overall, if you want to build more lean mass and less fat, Protinex will be a better choice. It provides an extended feeling of fullness, making it easier to lose weight when combined with exercise. And at only 130 calories per serving, it won’t take long before you start noticing results!

Does it work as a meal replacement?

In a word, yes. A serving of Protinex can contain as much protein as you’d find in two large eggs (12 grams). Plus, it’s free of carbs and sugar, so it can stand in for your usual breakfast with nothing else needed. Whether you’re simply trying to boost your caloric intake or to make a tasty post-workout shake or snack, Protinex will do the trick. You won’t need anything else!

The market is filled with meal replacement shakes and powders, many of them using Protinex as a major ingredient. If you want to drink your Protinex, it’s pretty much required that you add something else. There are simple ways to do so — throw in some fruit or mix in a little almond milk — but here again, Protinex stands out from its competitors by offering flavors like chocolate cake batter and cookie dough. You can also get creative and make your own tasty shakes!

Protinex can also be used to craft a post-workout shake that’s high in both carbs and protein. The powder itself has little flavor on its own, so it’s best mixed with other ingredients, like milk or fruit. If you want to make a drink ahead of time — to sip while at work or school — simply mix in some almond milk when you arrive at your destination.

If you’re looking to bulk up, but don’t want to eat three meals a day or spend a lot of time cooking and preparing food, Protinex can make it easy. In fact, you can lose weight using Protinex as a meal replacement — just replace your regular meals with shakes and you’ll find that you feel full without consuming as many calories as before.

But Protinex can work well as a meal replacement — or in combination with other foods — whether you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up. It’s very versatile and convenient, so it’s well worth a try!

How much can you bulk with Protinex?

You can still get great gains with Protinex even if you’re not always able to hit the gym. Your recovery time will also be shorter, so it’s more likely that you’ll reach your goals quicker. That means you won’t waste as much time, money and effort trying to bulk up and just end up frustrated.

What can you expect in terms of results when taking Protinex? Your goal will depend on your body type, and how much extra weight you want to put on.

However, if you’re more advanced, or you have a high metabolism and want to put on larger amounts of weight, you may be able to gain even more. While your goal will depend on your personal situation, remember that Protinex gives you superior amino acid support. That means there’s no reason why you can’t achieve your desired outcome.

Can you cut with Protinex?

If you’re looking to get lean and develop a stronger, firmer physique, it might seem reasonable to cut calories from your diet. However, eliminating certain food groups can backfire. Take fruits and vegetables — these foods are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that play an important role in developing lean muscles. They also help manage insulin resistance and blood pressure levels. Skipping out on these can make it difficult to maintain a healthy body composition.

While you can cut calories while taking Protinex, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins. This way, you’ll be able to avoid nutrient deficiencies that could compromise your gains. Remember that losing weight too quickly can leave you feeling sluggish and prone to injury.

Keep in mind that Protinex isn’t a magic weight loss pill. It won’t help you lose pounds without changes to your diet and exercise routine. But Protinex does offer another option for people who are struggling to meet their goals. If you want to use Protinex as part of a serious, healthy lifestyle change, it can be an effective way to increase muscle mass and improve strength.

*Disclaimer- These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Should I use Protinex as a post workout supplement?

There are a lot of benefits to using Protinex as a post workout supplement. It’s more than just a recovery supplement because it has a lot of extra benefits as well. Many bodybuilders use Protinex after they lift weights and say it helps them build muscles faster than they could if they were doing it naturally. The reason why so many bodybuilders love Protinex is because it can help build muscles and give you energy at the same time.

The fact that Protinex can give you energy is a big deal. So many people use these types of supplements but feel like they have no energy after they take them. It can be hard to work out and do your best if you don’t have any energy left at all. A lot of bodybuilders don’t like using pre workout supplements because they think it’s unnatural and that it doesn’t provide them with enough energy to really get through their workouts.

If you’re not sure if you should be using Protinex as a post workout supplement, here are some signs that you need to start using it. First of all, if you feel like your workouts aren’t as intense as they used to be and that your body isn’t recovering after workouts, then it may be time to add a post workout supplement.

Another sign that you should be using Protinex as a post workout supplement is if you feel like your body isn’t responding well to other supplements. If you use other pre workouts and then eat right after, but don’t see results, you may need to switch over to something like Protinex. By switching it up, your body will not get used to any one thing and it will be able to respond better.

Using Protinex after your workouts will help you build muscles faster than you would if you weren’t using it. You can tell that it’s working because you won’t have any problems with recovery anymore and you’ll be able to lift weights even harder. When your body isn’t recovering well, your muscles don’t get a chance to rebuild themselves, so they start weakening over time.

Are there any side effects of using Protinex?

Using Protinex over a long period of time will not cause any side effects, unless your diet and exercise routine do not support it. If you are unable to eat healthy, or workout at least twice a week then it may be wise to choose another product that is not as intense as Protinex. This product can cause stomach aches when taken in large amounts (beyond recommended) on an empty stomach. There are no other documented side effects but consult your physician if you experience any unusual symptoms.

Taking Protinex with food is highly recommended to protect your stomach from any uncomfortable side effects such as cramping or stomach aches. Some mild GI distress may occur when you first start taking Protinex; however, if it does not subside within a few days you should stop taking it. It can take up to 6 weeks for your body to adjust to having new enzymes in its system and tolerate them without discomfort.

If you choose to continue using Protinex, it will become less of an issue over time. Protinex contains enzymes that are designed to help digest food you eat, but take longer than your native enzymes. In some people, these extra hours can cause a sense of discomfort or fullness if taken on an empty stomach. If you do experience GI upset in any way when taking Protinex, follow these steps to prevent its occurrence from worsening:

Take Protinex with food to give your body a chance to digest it before you ingest any other foods. Eating Protinex when your stomach and intestines are empty can cause nausea or other GI distress. Taking Protinex on an empty stomach will help with absorption, but you may experience side effects due to your stomach’s inability to handle large amounts of nutrients at once.

Instead of taking Protinex on an empty stomach, eat a small meal and then wait at least an hour before taking it. This will give your body time to digest, so when you take Protinex you don’t have to digest another large amount of food. Taking Protinex with food will also help prevent cramping or GI distress by giving your system enough food and liquid to process at once.

If you are unable to eat at least an hour before taking Protinex, dilute it in a small amount of water or low-fat milk. This will prevent stomach upset while giving your body time to digest.


The right choice largely depends on your body’s individual needs. Whey protein is great for those who are lactose intolerant or simply don’t consume much dairy in their daily diets. If you need something quickly, that’s a good choice as well. However, if you have more time and aren’t sensitive to milk products, Protinex is a great option that might be a little bit easier on your body. So instead of going with either/or, pick both!

A good way to do that would be to start your day with a serving of Protinex and then have another shake as a snack later in the day. Just keep in mind that it will take time to see results, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel like you are getting bigger right away. Always remember that if what you need isn’t here, there are tons of other supplement options out there!

Other important things to consider are amino acid content, taste, and texture. Read your labels and make sure you’re getting what you need! Have any other questions about Protinex or whey protein? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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