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John Abraham Workouts, Diet Secrets and Fitness Tips

John Abraham Fitness

When it comes to Bollywood’s most fit and six-pack abs actor with an impact body, the name of actor John Abraham is still topped in the list. John may have tried his hand in comedy and serious roles as well, but his action avatar is still the most liked by the audience. This article covers Actor John Abraham fitness tips, his dieting secrets and his ultimate workouts.

In such a situation, what would you have to do to achieve a chisel effect like Bollywood Actor John Abraham? Is there an excuse to go back to the gym all day or dieting? John himself revealed his fitness and diet secrets.

John encourages everyone to live a good and healthy lifestyle. According to John, if you control your diet and live a balanced lifestyle, then you too can live a healthy life with ease.

John says that if you don’t have time to go to the gym every day and do workouts, then at least you should consume healthy diet so that extra calories and fat are not stored in the body.

John says that 60 percent of the diet for a fit body and only 40 percent of workouts work. Hence diet is very important.


Diet Rich in Protein, Carbs and Fiber:

Talking about John Abraham’s diet, he consumes a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fiber in his diet. For protein, he consumes milk, yogurt, sprouts, lentils and soy, while for carbs, grains like potatoes, wheat and millet. At the same time, he consumes fruits like apples and oranges for fiber.

At Breakfast John likes to eat white eggs, toast, almonds and 1 glass of juice, while at lunch, John eats plain homemade food lentils, bread, vegetables and spinach. He likes to eat soups, salads and vegetables at dinner.

John Abraham’s Daily Routine Diet:

  • 8 A.M. Black coffee or green tea, 1 potato or sweet potato, brown bread, 1 apple.
  • 10:30 A.M. Drinking 1 glass of mixed milk.
  • 1 P.M. Grilled bread, vegetables, lentils, yogurt and a carrot or brown bread, together with sprouts.
  • 4 P.M. Eat black coffee or green tea, boiled and mashed potatoes, apples, orange, papaya.
  • 7 P.M. Drink 1 glass of mixed milk.
  • 10 P.M. Eat bread slices made of bread, vegetable or wheat flour.

John Also Does Yoga and Meditation with Workouts:

John says he lives a displaced life, so when it comes to fitness, he gets up early in the morning and focuses on different body parts every day of the week.

Keeping this in mind, John goes to the gym and focuses on core exercises, functional, cross-fit, strength exercises. Along with regular workouts, John also focuses on sports. Along with exercising in the gym, John also does yoga and meditation. He believes that these things bring self control and balance in life, which makes life easier.


Chest and Triceps Warm up, bench press – both incline and decline – 3 sets, repeat 15 times. Third repetition is done to use more weight so that the muscles become stronger. The two sets of Double Fly Exercise are then repeated triceps and dumbbell triceps a total of 15 times.

Back and Abs exercise on Tuesday 4 times of barbel, 2 sets of dumbbell exercises with one hand, dead lift or back extension, abdominal workout, leg crunches, shrug exercises. Do cardio, leg crunches and 30 minutes of jogging to the person. This makes the legs and stomach muscles strong and tones.

On Thursday, John exercises only with the legs. In which squatting, step up, leg press, leg curl, seating and standing coiffure are exercised. Relaxed exercises with shoulders and biceps in which Hammer likes to do curls, shoulder overhead press, rear deltoid exercises, bicep curls and dumbbell curls with Barbel.

On Saturday, do 30 minutes of jogging with cardio, abdominal exercises for leg exercises, leg crunches. While preferring to rest on Sundays.


Model turn actor John Abraham is very popular not only in Bollywood but among the youth due to his fit body and activeness more than films. John Abraham is vegetarian, but he likes to have a diet full of nutrients to keep his body fit and perfect.

His diet includes protein, carbohydrate and calcium. He consume soy, sprouts and whey as protein supplements. He likes to take 6 small meals during the day.

If you’re not able to make strong muscles and fit body like John Abraham, even after sweating for hours in the gym, then it’s very important to take care of some basic things which include choosing the right exercise to manage the diet and weight of the daily routine.

If you also aspire to build a body of eight abs like charming actor John Abraham, then you should follow the secret of John Abraham’s fitness (mentioned above). By adopting them, you will be able to get a body with eight abs in a few months.


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