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Banana Fruit: 14 Best Health Benefits of Bananas

Fresh Banana


Banana is commonly available across the globe and is world’s most popular fruit. Bananas are very healthy and delicious. It contains several essential nutrients and it is also a highly convenient food. This article covers detailed information about the nutrition value and health benefits of bananas.

It may vary in size, shape and color. Fresh bananas are available year-round. It is green when unripe and yellow as it matures. Bananas are considered among selected tasty and beneficial fruits. It is included in those special fruits, which act to fill the stomach immediately. If you have a bad stomach or want to lose weight, banana will help you. Eating bananas may help to reduce the risk of cancer, asthma and lower blood pressure.


One large raw banana (about 136 grams) contains (✔️)

  • 121 calories
  • 1.5 g protein
  • 31.1 g carbohydrate
  • 87.0 IU vitamin A
  • 11.8 mg vitamin C
  • 27.2 mg folate
  • 13.3 mg choline
  • 6.8 mg calcium
  • 0.4 mg iron
  • 36.7 mg magnesium
  • 29.9 mg phosphorus
  • 487 mg potassium
  • 1.4 mg sodium
  • 1.4 mcg selenium
  • 3.0 mcg fluoride
  • 21.8 mg phytosterols
  • 102 g water
  • 0.4 g fat
  • 36.7 mg total omega-3 fatty acids
  • 62.6 mg total omega-6 fatty acids


Bananas are Healthy
  • Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the American diet
  • Americans consume more bananas than apples and oranges
  • Bananas are grown in at least 107 countries
  • Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber
  • Humans share about 50% of our DNA with bananas
  • It may help to prevent asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure and digestive problems
  • Ripen bananas at room temperature and add them to cereal for a tasty breakfast
  • People who use beta blockers should not suddenly increase their intake of bananas
  • Bananas are great pre-workout snacks because they are loaded with potassium that aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function during workouts


Bananas are packed with many healthy nutrients and anti-oxidants. The main health benefits of bananas may include —

1. Banana for Skin:

Bananas can act as an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin. It is rich in vitamin A, which works to moisturize dry and dull skin immediately. It can also help you to get relief from skin aging. Being a good source of vitamin-C, it acts as an effective anti-aging agent. It increases the collagen in the skin and works to relieve problems like, wrinkles.

It’s anti-oxidant properties protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. In addition to brightening the skin, bananas can also be used to remove dead cells from the skin.


It is enriched with antioxidants, which act to remove dead cells from the skin. You can also use banana peel to stop growing pimples. Banana peel is rich in antibacterial properties, which can help you to get rid of pimples. It’s manganese contents also helps your body to make collagen and protects your skin and other cells against free radical damages and makes it young, beautiful and healthy.

2. For Heart Health:

It is rich in nutrients like potassium, which can reduce fatal rate due to heart attacks, stroke and other heart diseases. Being rich in potassium, it helps to keep your heart healthy.

Healthy Heart

According to a study in UK, increasing consumption of fiber-rich food such as bananas, may lower the risk of both coronary heart disease (CHD) and  cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Studies have found that low levels of potassium in the body can increase high blood pressure and cause stroke. (✔️)

3. Banana for Blood Pressure:

Bananas have low salt and high potassium contents, which makes it ideal to maintain your blood pressure. Potassium works by reducing blood by relaxing the walls of blood vessels. But, it’s necessary to consult your nutritionist or doctor before adding it to your diet.


In addition, bananas are low in sodium. The high potassium and low sodium combination helps to control your high blood pressure.

4. In Digestion:

Bananas have many benefits for digestive health. Bananas are rich in pectin, thus aid digestion and gently remove toxins and heavy metals from your body. Bananas contain two types of fibers resistant starch and pectin. Soluble and insoluble fibers play an important role in your health.

Soluble fiber helps your body to control your blood sugar levels and get rid of fatty substances like cholesterol. Due to fiber, food is digested properly and the process of sewage becomes easier. Insoluble fibers add weight and softness to stools, making it easier for you to have regular bowel movements. It can also help you in gastrointestinal issues like constipation, heartburn, stomach ulcers, etc.

Singapore’s Health Promotion Board recommends a daily dietary fiber intake of 20 grams for women and 26 grams for men.

5. Good Source of Vitamin B6:

Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, which works to improve the functioning of the brain. According to one study, vitamin-B6 deficiency can weaken brain functioning in adults. (✔️)

Vitamin B6 helps your body to produce red blood cells and makes your nervous system healthy. It also removes unwanted chemicals from kidneys and liver, metabolize amino acids. Vitamin B6 is also good for pregnant women as it helps to meet their baby’s development requirements.

6. Great Source of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C may help to protect your body against cell and tissue damages and helps your body to absorb iron in a better way.

7. Gives Instant Energy:

The benefits of eating bananas can be seen in increasing the flow of energy in the body. It contains 89 calories per 100 grams, which will make you feel energetic, one of the best health benefits of bananas. It is a nutritious diet, which is also rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and protein. (✔️)

All these elements will work together to increase energy in the body. Bananas also contain three natural sugars glucose, sucrose and fructose. It gives you fat and cholesterol free source of energy.

8. Banana for Pre-Workout:

According to nutrition experts, bananas are the perfect pre-workout food. They are packed with carbs and lots of potassium. It may help in the optimal nerve and muscle functioning during workout or exercise.

Bananas as Pre or Post Workout Food

It facilitates slow release of glucose into your bloodstream. Bananas are especially great for endurance workouts. Bananas are also a perfect food for athletes due to their mineral and easy to digest carbs contents.

The fruit can provide you excellent nutrition before, during and after endurance workouts. It can also help to cure hangovers, combat depression, make you smarter, relieve morning sickness, protect against kidney cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and blindness. It helps to overcome depression due to high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy —mood brain neurotransmitter.

9. Strengthens Bones:

The benefits of eating bananas for bones can also be seen. It is rich in calcium, which plays an important role in bone growth and strengthening. (✔️)

The important role of magnesium present in bananas can also be seen here for the health of bones. Magnesium is a special nutrient, which helps in the development of bones. It also helps in the flow of calcium in the body.

10. Prevents Diabetes:

Bananas are rich in nutrients like fiber. Contains a unique blend of many bio-active compounds, including fiber, resistant starch, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants, which can fight type-2 diabetes. (✔️)

Bananas are also found in potassium, which may play a supporting role in the treatment and prevention of diabetes. (✔️)

11. Boosts Immunity:

It is very important to stay strong in immunity to fight disease and infection. If your immunity is weak, common physical problems can also bother you. You don’t need to worry about it.


Bananas are enriched with immune boosters like vitamins A and vitamin C, which serve to strengthen the immune system. To develop immunity, you can eat bananas at breakfast every day.

12. Morning Sickness:

Morning sickness is a common problem during pregnancy, affecting about 70 to 85% of pregnant women. It’s effect can last all day and women face vomiting and nausea in this problem. Banana can play an important role in getting rid of this problem. Banana is rich in Vitamin B6, which will help you get rid of morning sickness. (✔️)

13. Helps in Weight Loss:

A high fiber diet is also required to lose weight and bananas are a great source of it. It will work to fill your stomach without increasing calories in the body, which will help you to control weight.


In addition, banana is also rich in resistant starch, which can help you control weight. (✔️)

14. Relief in Insomnia:

If you are facing the problem of insomnia, then you can start eating bananas. Banana will help you get a good sleep. This delicious fruit contains ingredients called serotonin and melatonin, which can help you to get enough sleep. Apart from this, it also contains magnesium, which will work to relax your muscles. You can consume bananas 90 minutes before bedtime. (✔️)


Banana is very tasty and nutritious fruit. It is rich in potassium, calcium, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrate and many other healthful minerals. It can combat diabetes, high blood pressure and insomnia. It also helps to boost immunity, reduce weight, gives instant energy and strengthen your bones.


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