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Sahara Leone is a an American p*rnographic actress, model and exotic dancer. she has been thrilling her fans since late 2019. Sahara Leone has been worked with production companies such as Naughty America, Reality Kings, Tonight’s Girlfriend and Wild On Cam.


Pornstar Sahara Leone

Wiki / Bio —

  • Name— Sahara Leone
  • Hometown— California, United States
  • Profession— P*rnographic Actress
  • Nationality— American
  • Years Active— 2019 – Present
Sahara Leone pics

Physical Statistics —

  • Body Measurements— 34DD–26–42
  • Height— 5 Feet 8 Inches (1.73 m)
  • Hair Color— Black
  • Eye Color— Green / Hazel
  • Tattoos— ‘Love’ script that turns into the infinity symbol on the right side of her collarbone
  • Shoe Size— Women’s 9 (US)


Sahara Leone

Born and raised in California, United States, Sahara has mixed Cuban and German heritage.

Sahara Leone Photo

She grew up in a very religious household. Sahara Leone mentioned in an interview that;

“I was born and raised in California. I live in San Francisco. I grew up in a super super religious home; a classic ‘no one would be in porn in this house’ place. 😊 I got into ad*lt work in my early 20s. I moved to Portland and became a stripper…I’ve always been really s*xual since a young age. And, after that [losing her virginity], I became extremely s*xual. I didn’t think I was that cute so I definitely put s*x forward. I was a little insecure but I knew guys liked s*x or bl*wjobs or whatever. And I remember I used to watch p*rn because I wanted to give really good bl*wjobs so I was practicing on Coke bottles, cucumbers…anything that would fit in my mouth. By the time I gave my first bl*wjob, I knew I was ready. I knew what I was doing”.

Sahara Leone first began working in the p*rnographic industry as an exotic dancer when she moved to Portland, Oregon.

It was during this time that she became more confident in her body and she explained in an interview how;

Pornstar Sahara Leone

“I moved to Oregon. I didn’t know anyone but I always wanted to strip. The second I moved there, I went into a strip club and when I started stripping, I learned how powerful it is. How powerful a woman’s body is and what it can make men do; spend massive, crazy amounts of money. That’s when I got super comfortable in my skin because, before that, I wouldn’t take my top off during s*x, I would hide my body….and then all of a sudden I was walking around a strip club n*ked. I became really confident and realized how much power my body had. I have to pay my bills! 😊”.

Sahara Leone has always been fascinated by the ad*lt industry so she decided to place an advert on the p*rn jobs listing site S*xy Jobs. In this manner, she was contacted by a talent agent who booked her first ever s*x scenes in late 2019.

While talking about her reasons for pursuing a career in the industry, Sahara Leone divulged that;

“I’ve always been curious about the ad*lt film industry. I watched p*rn from a very young age—since before I was supposed to. I put an ad on and got contacted by, and I just dove in…mouth first. I’m a very s*xual person, so the s*x itself is awesome. It’s an added plus. I don’t have boyfriend or an intimate partner in my personal life, so that’s nice. The overall experience, like getting to go on a set, it’s exciting, it’s thrilling, it’s adventurous. I love the acting part of it as well. I’ve always wanted to act, and now I get a job that gets to put together s*x and acting. It’s great”.


Sahara Leone Image

Sahara Leone made her first official debut in the a*ult entertainment industry in October 2019.

She discussed shooting her first ever s*x scene in an interview, explaining how;

“Some people say you shouldn’t start with an*l, but I want my b*tt to be the focus of my career. It’s natural and large. I love the jiggle of my b*tt, I love the size of my b*tt, and it gets a lot of attention. Why not make it the focus?”.

So, why she have choosen the stage name ‘Sahara Leone’?

Well, Sahara revealed in an interview that;

“I was looking at countries for names and I saw Sierra Leone but there are a lot of Sierras so I changed it to Sahara Leone. And I thought it would be a funny play on words if someone would get the joke but no one has. 😊😊 And I can also use a little catchphrase with that. ‘Oh, Sahara, like the desert?’ ‘Yes, but I’m not dry!’”.

When she was asked about her favorite f*cking positions and personal turn—ons in interview, Sahara Leone saucily stated;

“Doggie, for sure. And I would tell anyone that ends up with me to do it because I have a pretty amazing butt😊 … I love giving and receiving oral. That’s my favorite. And, I don’t know if this is weird, but one of my biggest turn—ons is when a guy c*ms. It almost makes me c*m. Just the satisfaction or pleasure of knowing I did that. That’s a really big turn—on for me…I really liked bl*wjob videos for some reason, that was my favorite thing. That’s mostly what I would watch. And I loved Rebecca Linares. She was the one who made me want to get into p*rn”.

Sahara Leone pics

Many of her hottest s*x scenes have been those that she has filmed for Naughty America.

She loves shooting for Naughty America and she conveyed how;

“Working with Naughty America is like a dream come true. I loved the sensuality of my Tonight’s Girlfriend scene, and Ryan was such a great partner. And what is more fun than sharing a guy with your two hot girlfriends than getting to doing it in VR? I had a blast with this scene! Also, I just want to give a shout—out to the directors, Shelby and Ricardo, who created such a comfortable experience for me. And a huge ‘thank you’ to Naughty America! I can’t wait to come back for more!”.


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