10 Best Health Benefits of Rock Sugar (Mishri)

Rock Sugar

What Is Rock Sugar?

Rock sugar or mishri is an unrefined form of sugar which is used for food and medicinal purposes. It is made from sugarcane juice and palm tree sap.

Rock sugar is rich in many nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is less sweet than that of the sugar.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Rock Sugar or Mishri?

Rock sugar has a wide range of benefits; including :

Tal Mishri (rock sugar)

1. Get Rid of Bad Breath :

If you do not brush or rinse after a meal, the bacteria inside your gums can cause bad breath.

When you consume rock sugar after a meal, it will not smell in your mouth. It helps in filling freshness in mouth and breath.

2. Useful In Cough :

It is natural to cough when you have fever.

In this case, rock sugar can be used. Mishri has medicinal properties that can relieve you from cough immediately.

If you have a persistent cough, take some rock sugar and slowly chew it in your mouth. This will give you a lot of relief.

3. For Good Digestion :

Rock sugar is not only used as a mouth freshener but also helps in digestion with fennel seeds.

Its medicinal properties immediately begin the process of digestion.


Therefore, to prevent indigestion, eat a few pieces of rock sugar candy after a meal.

4. Relieve Sore Throat :

There can be many health problems during the winter season, including sore throat.

Rock sugar can be a good treatment for treating sore throat.

Mix some rock sugar with black pepper powder and purified butter and consume it at night.

5. In Anemia :

People who have low hemoglobin levels can suffer from anemia, pale skin, dizziness, fatigue and other problems associated with it.

It protects against anemia by increasing hemoglobin levels. Apart from this, it also improves blood circulation in the body.

6. Boosts Energy :

Consumption of rock sugar after meals increases energy levels.

After a meal, you start feeling lethargic; but consuming sugar candy will increase your energy levels.

Benefits of Rock Sugar

Apart from this, taking rock sugar with fennel seeds is beneficial to prevent your mood from becoming dull.

7. Provide Relief In Hemorrhage :

You will be surprised to know that it helps to stop bleeding (hemorrhage) from the nose, which is quite a common problem.

Consuming pieces of sugar candy with water during this problem helps to stop bleeding.

8. Beneficial For Your Brain :

Misri is also used as a natural medicine for the brain which helps to improve memory and relieve mental fatigue.

For this, mix rock sugar candy in hot milk and consume it before going to bed.


This will serve as a good natural remedy to improve your memory.

9. Increase Breast Milk :

Tal Misri (a natural form of sugar absolutely free from chemicals and bleaches) is considered useful for lactating mothers.

This is because it acts as a remedy for depression and helps to increase breast milk. Being less sweet, sugar candy does not allow the weight to increase.

10. For Healthy Eyes :


Rock sugar is very beneficial for vision. To prevent eye problems and cataracts, consume rock sugar as much as possible.

To improve your light, drink sugar water after meals.


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