14 Best Health Benefits of Rock Sugar (Mishri)

Rock Sugar


Rock sugar or mishri is an unrefined form of sugar which is used for food and medicinal purposes. It is made from sugarcane juice and palm tree sap. Its production started in India only. After this it gradually started to be used all over the world. It has less sweetness than sugar. You will find it in many forms and sizes. Rock sugar is rich in many nutrients, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Many individuals use rock sugar instead of normal sugar in sweet dishes or milk. Rock sugar is the only thing that dissolves sweetness as soon as it enters the mouth. It has medicinal properties so much that it is used for special effects in many Ayurvedic medicines.


Rock sugar has a wide range of benefits; including:

1. Get Rid of Bad Breath:

If you do not brush or rinse after a meal, the bacteria inside your gums can cause bad breath. When you consume rock sugar after a meal, it will not smell in your mouth. It helps in filling freshness in mouth and breath.

2. Useful in Cough:

It is natural to cough when you have fever. In this case, rock sugar can be used. Mishri has medicinal properties that can relieve you from cough immediately. If you have a persistent cough, take some rock sugar and slowly chew it in your mouth. This will give you a lot of relief.

3. Rock Sugar For Good Digestion:

The use of rock sugar is also considered beneficial for improving the digestive process. There is also a description in Ayurveda that after eating rock sugar with fennel can improve digestion. It has digestive properties, which can help digest food. For this reason we can say that this recipe can also help in improving digestion process.

4. Relieve Sore Throat:

There can be many health problems during the winter season, including sore throat. Rock sugar can be a good treatment for treating sore throat. Mix some rock sugar with black pepper powder and purified butter and consume it at night.

5. In Anemia:

Rock sugar can prove to be very beneficial in relieving a serious problem like anemia. People who have low hemoglobin levels can suffer from anemia, pale skin, dizziness, fatigue and other problems associated with it. It is said that the consumption of rock sugar improves hemoglobin levels. In addition, it also improves the process of blood circulation. At the same time, it is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment of anemia.

For this reason, it can be assumed that the benefits of rock sugar include getting rid of anemia.

6. Helpful in Controlling Weight:

If you’re over-weight, the use of rock sugar can be beneficial for you. It is said that by grinding the rock sugar with fennel, one teaspoon of the prepared powder can be used regularly to control the increasing weight. If you wish, you can also use coriander powder instead of fennel to gain the benefits of rock sugar in reducing weight.

7. Boosts Energy:

Rock sugar is the unrefined form of sugar. For this reason, a good amount of sucrose found in sugar is also available in it. It works to give energy to the body immediately. After a meal, you start feeling lethargic; but consuming sugar candy will increase your energy levels.

Apart from this, taking rock sugar with fennel seeds is beneficial to prevent your mood from becoming dull. For this reason we can say that the consumption of rock sugar can prove to be a good way to get energy immediately.

8. Provide Relief in Hemorrhage:

You will be surprised to know that it helps to stop bleeding (hemorrhage) from the nose, which is quite a common problem. Actually, sugar candy is cold and it cools the body and keeps away the effects of heat. The problem of bleeding from the nose is seen only during the summer days, which is due to increasing body temperature.

For this reason we can say that the consumption of rock sugar with water is a better option to get relief from this problem. Consuming pieces of sugar candy with water during this problem helps to stop bleeding.

9. Rock Sugar for Brain:

Misri is also used as a natural medicine for the brain which helps to improve memory and relieve mental fatigue. For this, mix rock sugar in hot milk and consume it before going to bed. This will serve as a good natural remedy to improve your memory.

10. Beneficial for Pregnant Women:

As you have been told earlier in the article that consuming rock sugar with hot milk keeps mental health good. At the same time, stress is also relieved. On the other hand, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, it is common to have problems of anxiety, stress and depression.

For this reason we can say that a pregnant woman can get relief from these problems by taking rock sugar. However, there is no research available in this subject. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before consuming it.

11. Increase Breast Milk:

Tal Misri (a natural form of sugar absolutely free from chemicals and bleaches) is considered useful for lactating mothers. This is because it acts as a remedy for depression and helps to increase breast milk. Being less sweet, sugar candy does not allow the weight to increase.

12. Rock Sugar for Healthy Eyes:

Rock sugar is very beneficial for the vision. To prevent eye problems and cataracts, consume rock sugar. It is reported that its regular intake in limited amounts not only improves eye light, but can also show positive results in problems such as cataracts.

13. Relax in Cold:

By sucking alum and sugar candy prepared with alum and sugar can relieve cold. You can make this special sugar candy at home. For this, you have to grind sugar and alum in equal quantity and prepare the solution with one cup of water.

Keep in mind that you have to keep dissolving the prepared powder of sugar and alum in the water until it stops dissolving in water. After this, you have to tie a thread with a pencil and add it to the mixture. Later, cover the cup with the mixture and leave it for two to three days. At the end of the time, you will find crystals of sugar and alum on the thread hanging in the cup with the help of pencil.

14. Increase Hemoglobin Levels:

As mentioned earlier in the article, rock sugar is used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve the problem of anemia due to its special properties. At the same time, the amount of hemoglobin in the problem of anemia decreases significantly. For this reason we can say that the consumption of rock sugar can be helpful in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.


You can use rock sugar in the following ways:

  • You can use rock sugar as a mouth freshener with fennel.
  • You can take it with hot milk at night.
  • You can use it for sweetness in any food item.

When to Eat:

  • It is considered beneficial to consume after eating.

How Much to Eat:

  • 5 to 10 grams of sugar can be eaten in a day.


Excess intake of anything can prove harmful. Something similar is also with rock sugar. Some of the side effects of rock sugar are:

  • Although sugar candy is considered beneficial for the digestive process, consuming it in excess can cause gastrointestinal problems..
  • Rock sugar has a cold effect, so take it as a medicine in cold. Excess intake of this can also have an adverse effect on the problem.
  • If you are taking any medicine regularly, then to avoid the side effects, you must consult a doctor.


Now you must have become familiar with the properties of rock sugar. Also, it must have been known what are the benefits of eating rock sugar and in which problems it will prove to be beneficial. Complete information about its balanced quantity and usage has also been given in the article. You can take advantage of its medicinal properties by adopting them.

In such a situation, if you too are impressed by the miraculous properties of rock sugar and want to use it regularly, then read all the information given in the article thoroughly once. Only then apply the methods suggested in the article.


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