Rambutan Fruit: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Side Effects

Rambutan Fruit: Nutrition, Health Benefits and Side Effects


Rambutan is a delicious and beneficial fruit found in abundance in South-East Asia. You will be surprised to know that this simple looking fruit can help you to get rid of many serious health diseases. Many studies have revealed its special medicinal properties, which can prove to be a boon for human health.

What is Rambutan?

Rambutan is a medium-sized tropical fruit under the Sapindaceae family. Scientifically it is known as Nephelium Lappaceum. This fruit is similar to other tropical fruits such as litchi, longan and mamoncillo. The outer layer of this fruit produces hair—like fibers. In Vietnam this fruit is also known as Chom-Chom.

Rambutan fruit can be classified as a medicinal and medical fruit category. This is because according to a scientific research conducted by experts it has been observed that this fruit has phytochemical properties. For this reason it shows anti-allergic, anti diabetic, anti-cancer, anti-HIV, antimicrobial and anti-dengue effects. [Trusted Source 1]

Rambutan Nutritional Value

Per 100 gram serving of raw rambutan fruit contains

Rambutan Benefits for Health

Health benefits of eating rambutan fruit may include —

1. In Diabetes:

Consuming rambutan fruit can help to keep you away from diabetes. The fruit is rich in phytochemicals, due to which it has anti-diabetic properties, which can protect you from the risk of having diabetes. [Trusted Source 1]

2. For Healthy Bones:

The benefits of rambutan fruit can also be seen for bone health. Rambutan is a good source of calcium. [Trusted Source 2]

Calcium is the most important element for healthy bones, which provides protection against problems such as bone formation, development and associated diseases such as osteoporosis and fractures. [Trusted Source 3]

3. For Digestion:

Improving digestive health is also associated with the consumption of rambutan fruit.

A good amount of fiber is found in rambutan fruit. Consuming fiber improves digestion. In addition to this, fiber can also help to overcome the problem of constipation. [Trusted Source 2] [Trusted Source 4]

4. For Cardiovascular Health:

The benefits of rambutan fruit can also help to keep you away from heart related problems. This fruit is counted in the category of prebiotic foods.

According to a scientific report, high blood pressure and blood glucose levels can be improved by the intake of prebiotic foods. This can help to keep your heart healthy. [Trusted Source 5]

5. In Cancer Prevention:

Rambutan fruit can play a vital role in cancer prevention. This fruit has anti-cancer properties. Due to this special property, consuming rambutan fruit can help in protecting your body from having cancer. [Trusted Source 1]

Rambutan fruit also comes with many healthy antioxidants that help to prevent free radicals from the body. You can consume three rambutan fruit to minimize the risk of having cancer. [Trusted Source 14]

6. To Increase Energy:

If you want to be active throughout the day, then it is important that your body gets enough energy. The benefits of rambutan fruit can be seen here. Rambutan is rich in calories, the intake of which will work to replenish energy in the body. [Trusted Source 7]

Fresh Rambutan Fruits

7. Promotes Weight Loss:

According to a scientific research, essential nutrients such as flavonoids, tannins, ellagic acid are found in the skin of rambutan fruit. The study also reported that extracts of rambutan peel can prevent weight gain problem. [Trusted Source 8]

8. Immunity Booster:

Rambutan can also be used to increase immunity power. Vitamin A is found in Rambutan. Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, which helps to increase the body’s resistance. [Trusted Source 2] [Trusted Source 9]

9. Increases Sperm Count:

The benefits of eating rambutan can also be seen to increase sperm count. Zinc is found in Rambutan. [Trusted Source 2]

According to a scientific study, it has been observed that zinc intake can increase sperm count and motility. [Trusted Source 10]

10. For Scalp and Hair Health:

As we have previously discussed that this fruit contains zinc in plenty which is good for better health of scalp. [Trusted Source 2]

This nutrient can also prove to be helpful in hair growth. Zinc can also function actively in hair follicles and hair growth. [Trusted Source 11] [Trusted Source 12]

11. For Skin Health:

If you want to keep your skin beautiful, then consuming rambutan fruit can help you. Vitamin C is found in Rambutan. Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant. It removes skin dryness, acne and protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. [Trusted Source 13]

12. Cleanses Kidneys:

Our kidneys work to filter the blood and remove unwanted waste materials from our bodies that are then passed through the urine. However, some conditions such as kidney failure and kidney stones cause suffering and death. Sometimes, the detox process leaves residues in the kidneys that if left to accumulate, our kidneys may be at a higher risk of failing.

Here, the benefits of rambutans can be seen. This medicinal fruit helps to cleanse your kidneys and keep them healthy. [Trusted Source 14]

13. Reduces Bed Cholesterol:

Low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol is linked with considerable threats to your body.

Rambutan fruit may significantly help to lower bad cholesterol. The fruit contain flavonoid which works against the bad cholesterol in the body. [Trusted Source 14]

14. Lower Blood Pressure:

The problem of high blood pressure (hypertension) become very common now these days. This problem increases with the age. Higher levels of blood pressure may increase the risk of many health problems such as heart disease that even may lead to death. To reduce the risk of high blood pressure, eating rambutans can help. Rambutan contains minerals that may help to prevent a heart attack by acting as a natural remedy. [Trusted Source 14]

How to Use Rambutan?

You can use this delicious fruit in many ways; including —

  • You can eat it directly as a fruit.
  • Rambutan can be eaten as fruit salad.
  • You can consume rambutan as juice.
  • Rambutan can be used in various dishes.

When and How Much to Eat?

You can consume this delicious fruit both in the morning or in the evening. Like other food items, you should consume it in limited quantity.

Where to Buy Rambutan?

You do not have to worry too much to buy rambutan. Rambutan will easily be found at the fruit shop or at the fruit market. Apart from this, you can also buy rambutan from shopping malls.

Selection and Storage

Selection :

While buying the rambutan fruit, check that it does not have soil, as it is sometimes thrown directly on the ground after breaking from the tree. If the skin of rambutan is cut from somewhere, avoid buying it.

Storage :

  • Rambutan can be stored in a room with a temperature of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Rambutan fruit can also be kept safe by water cooling after buying from the market. [Trusted Source 15]

Rambutan Side Effects

Some of the health side effects of rambutan may include —


Now you have become fully aware about the rambutan fruit, how it can be consumed and what needs to be taken care of. You can now include rambutan in your fruit list for better health benefits. Apart from this, if you want to ask any other question related to this article, then please reach out to us through the comment box given below.


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