Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) : Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Dosage

Mulllein Plant With Flowers

Family— Scrophulariaceae

GENUS— Verbascum

SCIENTIFIC NAME(s)— Verbascum Thapsus, V. Thapsiforme, V. Phlomoides, Verbascum Thapsus L.

OTHER SCIENTIFIC NAME(s)—Leiosandra cuspidata Raf., Thapsus linnaei Opiz, Thapsus schraderi Opiz, Verbascum lanatum Gilib, Verbascum simplex Hoffmanns [Trusted Source 1]

OTHER NAMES(s)— Great Mullein, Candleflower, Candlewick, Common Mullein, American Mullein, European Mullein, Cowboy Toilet Paper, Orange Mullein, Woolly Mullein, Velvet Mullein, Blanket Mullein, Higtaper, Lungwort, Hig Candlewick, Indian Rag Weed, Bullicks Lungwort, Adams-Rod, Hare’s-Beard, Ice-Leaf, Beggar’s Blanket, Our Lady’s Blanket, Old Man’s Blanket, Moses’ Blanket, Poor Man’s Blanket, Feltwort, Flannel Mullein, Flannel Plant, Flannelleaf, Gordolobo Común, Gordolobo Común, Guardalobo, Hierba Del Paño, Bonhomme, Bouillon Blanc, Bouillon Blanc à Petites Fleurs, Bouillon-Blanc, Grande Molène, Molène, Molène Bouillon-Blanc; Molène Vulgaire, Korovâk Obyknovennyj, Mao Rui Hua, Barbaco, Grey Mullein, Hag Taper, Big Taper [Trusted Source 1] [Trusted Source 2] [Trusted Source 3]

What Is Mullein?

Mullein is a biennial plant used to make medicine. Mullein derives from the French word for “SOFT”. Many individuals use mullein by mouth for breathing problems such as asthma, cough, colds and sore throat. The chemicals present in this herb might be able to fight infections. But more research is needed. [Trusted Source 4]

Its plant produces a rosette of leaves in its first year of growth. The leaves of the plant are up to 50 cm long. [Trusted Source 5] [Trusted Source 6]


Mullein uses may include [Trusted Source 7] [Trusted Source 8]

  • Ear infections
  • Cough and colds
  • Flu
  • Asthma
  • Diarrhea
  • Croup
  • Migraines
  • Wounds
  • Gout
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Sore throat
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Inflammation of the airways

However, more research are needed to prove this.


There is no specific recommended dose of mullein. However, you can take 3 to 4 grams of mullein per day. [Trusted Source 9] [Trusted Source 10]

Ask your doctor or health care provider for more details.


Currently no interactions found.

Side Effects

No adverse effects have been reported. [Trusted Source 8] [Trusted Source 10]


Research states no reports of serious toxicities with this herb.

Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Information regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and beast—feeding is lacking. [Trusted Source 8] [Trusted Source 10]


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