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Foods And Drinks That Are Terrible For Your Teeth

Foods and Drinks That Are Terrible for Your Teeth

Food and drinks fuel the body, but some items can have adverse effects. You’re ready to take the next step and better your overall health. One place to start is to find out about the foods and drinks that are terrible for your teeth.

1. Sugary Sodas

Sugars and acids work hand-in-hand when drinking soda. They coat the teeth with acids that tear away the enamel.

Try drinking sodas through a straw if finding an alternative beverage isn’t an option. The straw will reduce the soda’s contact with your teeth to prevent excessive enamel removal.

2. Sweetened or Black Coffee

Shiny white teeth are something everyone strives for, but your favorite morning cup of Joe might be ruining the appearance of your teeth.

Drinking coffee regularly can stain the teeth and cause them to yellow. Coffee is a naturally acidic beverage that includes tannins. As the acidic properties wear down the enamel, the tannin molecules break through and cause discoloration.

3. Acidic Fruits

Fruits are healthy treats full of vitamins, but they can be potentially harmful to your teeth. Some fruits have a high acid content that breaks down the tooth’s enamel. A lack of enamel makes your teeth vulnerable to sensitivity and tooth decay.

Acidic fruits include lemons, limes, grapes, grapefruits, apples, oranges, and mangos. Fortunately, there’s no need to give up eating fruit or drinking fruit juices.

Rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking. Doing so will dilute the acids and prevent further damage. Wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth to give the enamel time to recover.

4. Foods Made With Vinegar

Vinegar is a key ingredient for pickling foods because of its acidic properties. Cucumbers, carrots, eggs, green beans, and red onions are some of the most popular pickled foods.

Soaking these foods in vinegar can negatively impact your teeth’s enamel. As mentioned above, remember to rinse with water to clear away the acid from your teeth’s surface. Doing so will further protect your teeth while you enjoy the pickled foods you love.

5. Refined Carbohydrates

This food might come as a surprise! After all, how could potato chips, crackers, and white bread be harmful?

Refined carbohydrates are abundant in starch. Starch turns into sugar during digestion. The sugar starts to contribute to plaque production when these foods get stuck in your teeth and start breaking down.

You’re most likely eating these foods more often than you realize. Flossing and brushing your teeth after consuming refined carbohydrates is a must!

The number one reason to avoid postponing dental care is to protect your teeth’s enamel. Continuously consuming foods and drinks that are terrible for your teeth will expedite tooth decay.

Cutting out every food and beverage listed above isn’t necessary. Nevertheless, it is important to be conscious of your habits. Visit the dentist, drink water, and always brush and floss your teeth for a healthy mouth.


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