Christy Mack [An Interesting Life Story of A Sexiest Porn Star]

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Christy Mack, born as Christine Mackinday, is an American n*de model and former pornographic actress. She was born on May 19, 1991 in South Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States.


Christy Mack Photo

Bio / Wiki —

  • Name— Christy Mack
  • Alias— Christine Mackinday, Kristy Mack
  • Date of Birth— May 9, 1991
  • Home Town— South Chicago Heights, Illinois, United States
  • Profession— Erotic Model, Stripper, P*rnographic Actress
  • Education— Graduation
  • School / College— Columbus North High School
  • Nationality— American
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Physical Statistics —

  • Measurements— 34DD–24–32
  • Bra Size— 34DD
  • Chest— Enhanced
  • Height— 5 Feet 3 Inches (1.60 m)
  • Weight— 48 Kg (105 lbs)
  • Piercings— Navel
  • Hair Color— Black / Brunette / Blonde
  • Eye Color— Blue
  • Tattoos— A full sleeves on her right and left arms incorporating all manner of floral and skull designs, as well as a floral design below her navel, a rose design on her skull, a rose design on the side of her neck and  a large sail boat in the center of her back


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Christy Mack was born in South Chicago Heights, Illinois, U.S. and has also lived in Edinburgh, Indiana, with her older brother. She comes from a close knit family and has discussed her family’s response to her adu*t film career, explaining how;

“My mom couldn’t give two f*cks less. Everyone else is on the fence about it, or takes total offense to it. Who doesn’t have s*x, or think about filming it? Some people just aren’t as comfortable with their body and s*xuality as I am, and I respect that”.

Christy Mack Pics

Christy is an ardent animal lover who has two pit—bull dogs, ferrets and 9 snakes. She said;

“I currently have two pitbulls. I take in special needs pitties, and have had 14 in total… while my focus is mostly on p*rn, I do a lot of charity work. I help with dozens of Pitbull rescues, habitat for humanity, anything that I feel like doing that weekend. I’m sure I would be even more involved if I weren’t in the industry”.

Christy also conveyed how;

“You have to handle snakes every day or as frequently as you can. I own nine snakes and they just tolerate people, all they want is warmth and food, in order for them not to give you attitude you have to handle them a lot. If I am going to put my make—up on I will put a snake on my shoulders or if I am going to watch TV and nap I’ll grab a bigger snake and put it around me”.

Christy Mack Photo

After graduating from Columbus North High School in 2009, she worked a series of odd—jobs including dancing in a gorilla suit outside the front of a Sprite store. Christy is famous for her vibrant body art and began collecting her terrific tattoos before her 16th birthday. She designs most of her own body art and her first ever tattoo was a nautical star with sparrows across her lower back.

After losing her tattoo virginity, she started to collect a vast array of alluring body art including some ‘Love Sick’ script across her knuckles, a large diamond design underneath her breasts with flowers either side of it, a large sail boat in the center of her back, and some right and left arm sleeves incorporating all manner of skull and floral designs among many more mesmerizing tattoos.

Christy Mack Image

In fact, Christy has often attributed her p*rn film industry success to her unique combination of eye—catching tattoos and captivating curves. In an interview Christy said;

“I came into p*rn at the exact time when nobody was like me—a very curvaceous woman with tattoos. Usually when you see a tattooed girl in p*rn she has no ti*s, no ass, she’s like a stick figure…I love the look of tattoos. When I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I feel beautiful for having tattoos. The beautiful thing is that the more tattoos I get, the more beautiful I become…I’m glad that I didn’t get all my tattoos quickly, I collected. As my life progressed, my tattoos progressed. And I have more room so I hope I have a lot of life left. I want to get to that place not just all in one day…I fly in my artist from Indiana, John Haase, who did my heart, the back of my neck, my hands and my underboob…I will never tattoo my ass or my boobies—those are the moneymakers!…Since I am rarely in clothes, no matter where I get tattooed eventually someone is going to see it”.

Christy lost her tattoo virginity three years before she lost her virginity to her high school boyfriend. Christy Mack explained within an interview;

“I was 18, and it was with boyfriend at the time. We were high school sweethearts and had been dating for maybe a year at that point. I lit candles in my bedroom and it was just all sweet and I was like: “It’s gonna happen!” 😊.We went out to dinner and we came back home, at my mom’s house, and started making out, started touching and everything, and when we finally got to that point I sat on his cock and then it was over 😊.Like, two seconds. And I was like, “Oh, so that’s it”.

Christy Mack

Unsurprisingly, Christy’s tattoos quickly attracted the attention of alternative modelling scouts and when she was only 18 years old she was approached by various photographers about the possibility of posing n*de. At this time in her life she had just married her boyfriend and was living as a homemaker.

Eager to explore a potential career as a glamour model, she left her husband, moved to Miami, Florida, United States and from 2009 onwards Christy began working as a tattoo and fetish model for industry leading magazines such as Rebel Ink and Inked.


Christy Mack filmed her first ever s*x scenes in 2012. She began to appear in a variety of tattoo themed p*rn productions such as Hot Body Ink (2013) for Elegant Angel that was nominated for “Best All—S*x Release” at the AVN Awards 2014 and Ink Girls (2013) for Wicked Pictures that was nominated for “DVD of the Year” at the 2013 Inked Awards and “Vignette Release of the Year” at the XBIZ Awards 2014.

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Talking about shooting her first ever s*x scenes, Mack revealed that;

“I was nervous, as all amateurs are, and a little intimidated. But all feelings of uneasiness went away as soon as I started shooting. It was quite a rush really!”.

She described her impulse decision to shoot her first ever s*x scenes, highlighting how;

“I woke up one morning [and thought] I’m just going to go do something different. I’m gonna do p*rn”.


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