Here’s What You Wanna Know About Pornstar Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers is a popular p*rnographic actress, camgirl, writer, financial dominatrix and model who has been thrilling her fans since 2013. She has worked with production companies such as Naughty America, Reality Kings and Vivid.


Sydney Leathers Pics

Wiki / Bio —

  • Name— Sydney Leathers
  • Date of Birth— September 23, 1989
  • Hometown— Indiana, United States
  • Profession— P*ornographic Actress
  • Zodiac Sign— Libra
  • Pets— 2 Cats
  • Years Active— 2013 – 2017 (Retired)

Physical Statistics —

  • Measurements— 36DD
  • Height— 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 m)
  • Hair Color— Brunette
  • Eye Color— Blue
  • Tattoos— Flowers across the left side of her lower abdomen, an infinity symbol on her left ring finger, ‘XXIII’ Roman numerals on the outer side of her left forearm, a key on the inside of her upper left arm, a design on the inside of her left wrist, an hourglass with red sand and flowers across her upper left arm and shoulder, script along the inside of her right pinky finger and a large tree design across her entire back
  • Piercings— Monroe (Upper Left Lip)


Hailing from Indiana, Midwestern, Sydney was raised in an Episcopal household and she went to a private Christian school. Sydney Leathers is an intelligent girl who got good grades throughout her high school.

She also liked to party during high school years and she mentioned in an interview that;

“I was a bit of a chameleon in high school. I partied too much (which strangely was a good thing, I got it all out of my system), but I also got good grades. I had the same boyfriend throughout high school and hung out with all different types of people”.

She comes from a close—knit family and Sydney has two older brothers.

She took part in a scholastic bowl during high school and she studied Radio / TV Production at college. According to her;

“I was always really popular in school but also really nerdy. I was in a huge scholastic bowl and stuff like that. I was never very athletic but I was always into intellectual kind of stuff. I’ve always been into politics. I have two older brothers. I’m super close to them and my dad. Always have been. I went to a private Christian school for a couple of years so that’s kind of funny”.

Sydney Leathers

As well as being academically minded, she has been interested in politics ever since she was a teenager. As she conveyed within her July 2015 CDN interview;

“My dad was always very conservative and vocal about his political views. When I was about 15 I decided I wanted to know where exactly I stood. I immersed myself in all things political and discovered I’m left of center on most issues and I really, really enjoy political satire more than just about anything…Anyone with half a brain cares about the economy. I’m more vocal about social issues because those issues are the ones where average citizens can actually make a difference”.

She attracted the mainstream media attention in summer of 2013 when it was disclosed that Sydney Leathers had been sexting former New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. Sydney Leathers explained during an interview talk how she first came into contact with Anthony Weiner;

“Anthony Weiner was a politician from New York who had a scandal that had nothing to do with me back in 2011. I was already a big political nerd. And I was a fan of his. I had him on this pedestal. But I was disappointed in him because he lied and tried to say he was hacked and all this crap. Then it turned out that he wasn’t hacked, that he had accidentally tweeted out a picture of his crotch. And he resigned from Congress. I sent him a Facebook message and told him he was my hero, I believed in him when he said he was hacked and I defended him and ended up looking like an idiot. That type of stuff, just to make him feel like an as*hole. I was disappointed in him. He didn’t respond for 9 months but when he did, he poked me on Facebook and sent me a message that he was sorry he let me down and that kind of bullshit. 😊 Pretty quickly, he started looking at my pictures and told me how gorgeous I was and buttered me up from there…

I’m not sure how it started but I think he asked for pictures of me first before I got the d*ck pictures from him. It didn’t even start out 100% s*xual at first. He would send me messages asking me to send him pictures of what I was wearing because he wanted to be involved in my life. ‘I want to see what you look like today. I want to see what shoes you’re wearing.’ That was a big thing for him because he LOVED me in heels. So if I was wearing heels, he especially wanted to see pictures. I remember one time, he got mad because I posted a picture on Facebook a picture of my high heels before I sent it to him and he got jealous. 😊 Just mild stuff like that at first. Then he would ask for racier stuff so I sent him pictures in lingerie and I would tease him and drag it out a little bit. I got at least one p*nis picture and then I sent him some n*des or me in see—thru lace panties and stuff like that to get him going. And we would have phone s*x too”.

Anthony lost his safe congressional seat when it came to light that he was sending s*xually suggestive texts to several other women including Sydney Leathers. Anthony subsequently tried to make a political comeback and Sydney was instrumental in derailing his 2013 New York mayoral bid when she revealed that the married Weiner was still sexting other women.

In 2015, Sydney Leathers was involved in another political scandal when it was disclosed that Indiana Democratic State Representative Justin Moed had also been sending her illicit text messages.

Sydney Leathers

Sydney Leathers discussed how her relationship with Anthony Weiner became public, revealing that;

“What happened was in April of 2013, that’s the last time Anthony reached out to me and he kind of spooked me. In hindsight, I’m certain he wishes he wouldn’t have done this. He ended up telling that his brother knew about us. First of all, I didn’t even know he had a brother and secondly, how in the hell does this brother that I never heard of know about our situation? So that kind of spooked me and I already knew he was running for mayor. So I have this idea in my head that they’re having these meetings to shut me up and I got kind of paranoid wondering who all knew about us? And also, I had an ex-boyfriend that I was trying to rekindle things with in April of 2013. And he saw on my phone, when you have a locked screen, it’ll show you have a text message or whatever and Anthony sent it from his personal account. My ex kind of held it over my head and threatened to tell people about us and it was a combination of those things. I decided to send stuff anonymously to a gossip blog. The owner of the blog actually did protect my anonymity and didn’t tell who I us but it was another website, Buzzfeed, that outed my identity and linked me to Anthony. In the beginning, I was getting ready to go back to school and, in my mind, I was thinking about school and I didn’t want my name or face associated with it because I thought it would ruin my life. I really didn’t want to be a part of it and I guess I was a little naïve that I could do that anonymously and not be outed. In a way, I’m glad that I was because it changed my life for a year AND I’m still going back to school. It just got derailed for a year”.

It was during this time that she was contacted by prominent production company Vivid who were interested in shooting a p*rn parody about her relationship with Anthony Weiner. Sydney Leathers was initially opposed to the idea so they offered her the chance to pose for a n*de photo shoot and to appear in a behind—the—scenes video to accompany it.

Upon posing for this n*de photo shoot, Sydney Leathers realized that she was really comfortable being n*ked in front of a camera crew which emboldened her to pursue a career in p*rn. According to her;

“What happened was that Vivid reached out to my manager and, at first, I was completely against the idea. I think my biggest hang—up was that my family would hate me, which was completely irrational. I also felt like I was in a really overwhelming situation being linked to a scandal and I didn’t think I should add gasoline to the fire. Vivid did something really nice and they didn’t do this for any other girl, ever. They let me do a n*de kind—of Playboy type photo shoot and then they filmed a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot. And that got me comfortable being n*ked in front of a crew. It made me realize that this is a professional thing and it’s not sketchy. I felt comfortable with my body and I liked the way everything turned out. After that, I decided I was ok with a movie. I had also had conversations with my family. They said I’m an ad*lt and, obviously, everyone has s*x. They said they’re not going to judge me for that and if I could live with it, then no one in my family was going to judge me. I got really lucky on that front. My family doesn’t think anything of it at all. My family’s been really supportive”.


Sydney Leathers made her debut in the p*rnographic industry in October 2013. She told about her p*rn debut;

Sydney Leathers Image

“It just seemed like the natural progression. Everyone had already read these filthy things I had said so I figured why not act them out? I honestly love the movie. Even the skit in the beginning where there isn’t any s*x, that was hilarious and so much fun to film”.

Sydney Leathers enjoyed the shooting and she eagerly enthused in an interview how;

“I had so much fun with it. I’m not lying when I say I didn’t have to bring anything; it all came naturally to me. I think it’s really weird when girls are in p*rn who maybe don’t love having s*x or feel awkward in front of the camera, I feel like that shows. And I also feel like if you’re a natural at it, it also shows. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I felt really comfortable in the situation. It was nothing weird or awkward…I’ll give my co-star, Xander Corvus, and my director, Kimberly Kane, credit. They did a good job helping me with little things that I wouldn’t have thought of. Little angles and stuff like that. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of starting and stopping or a whole lot of direction. For the most part, Xander and myself did what we wanted to do and it worked out perfectly. 😊 I remember at one point, Kimberly and the photographer had left the room at one point and Xander and I continued on 😊…I am really lucky where if I’m having one org*sm, I can easily push myself into having multiples. So I honestly would have to watch it over again to count how many org*sms. But probably at least five. Even the solo scene, I felt like I got off a lot 😊”.


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