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Faye Reagan

Who Is Faye Reagan?

Faye Reagan, born as Faye Jillian Henning, is an American p*rnographic actress and erotic model. She was born on September 19, 1988 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

Reagan worked in adult entertainment industry between 2007 to 2015. She was nominated for “Female Performer of the Year” at the AVN Awards 2011.

Faye Reagan Pics

Faye Reagan is widely regarded as one of the hottest redheads ever to perform in p*rn.

Faye Reagan : Quick Facts

Bio / Wiki —

  • Name— Faye Reagan
  • Birth Name— Faye Jillian Henning
  • Alias— Faye Valentine, Scarlett, Faye Karli
  • Hometown— Nashville, Tennessee / Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Date of Birth— September 19, 1988
  • Profession— Ad*lt Actress And Erotic Model
  • Star Sign— Virgo
  • Nationality— American
  • Ethnicity— Caucasian
Faye Reagan Photo

Physical Statistics —

  • Height— 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.68 m)
  • Weight— 50 Kg (110 lbs)
  • Measurements— 34B–28–36
  • Chest— Natural
  • Hair Color— Red
  • Eye Color— Brown
  • Piercings— Both Nostrils
  • Shoe Size— Women’s 6.5 (US)
  • Years Active— 2007 – 2015 (retired)
Faye Reagon's Biography

Family And Relatives —

  • Spouse— Georgia Jones (2007 — 2010)

Faye Reagan Biography

So just how did Reagan become such a fan—favorite ad*lt star? To answer this question we would have to go back to Nashville, Tennessee, United States, where Faye Reagan was born.

She comes from a close knit family—she is the oldest sibling with two younger sisters and one younger brother.

Faye Reagan Image

She moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, with her family when she was just 8 months old and she has always remained honest with them regarding her p*rn film career choices.

Wondering how her family reacted to her ad*lt star career? Well, Reagan discussed her parents’ reactions;

“When I first started doing it, and when they first found out ? they find out about everything they were so upset, so angry, and there was crying and…Yeah, crying and screaming, and then I think maybe a month later we started talking again, and they wanted to come out to California to come and see me. When they eventually came out, they were actually kind of happy because I used to have a lot of piercings, like, in my face. I use to have my ears gauged and… I pretty much had to take all that out when I started doing p*rn. So when my parents saw me, all that stuff was gone, and I’d had my nails done, and I was dressed pretty, you know? My mom was like, Oh!? And they were really happy. They hated my piercings, just hated them; they hated when I painted my nails black…Yeah, and when they saw that I wasn’t wearing stripper heels and fishnets to dinner, they were kind of okay with that, too. I mean, nobody wants their daughter to do p*rn, but… we’re better now”.

Pornstar Faye Reagan

Now let’s discuss how did Faye Reagan first begin performing in p*rn? Believe it or not it, she was approached by an p*rn film talent scout at a friend’s wedding. According to Faye;

“I’d never thought about it. It wasn’t planned. It was kind of circumstantial. I fell into it…I have really strict parents, especially as far as boys went. I couldn’t date, I couldn’t go to the prom, and I couldn’t go to anybody’s house…And when I turned 18 I was still living at home and going to school and it was still the same, even though I was 18, I was under their roof, living by their rules. I had my first boyfriend when I was 18, and I wanted to go to his house, and wanted to hang out, and just be a regular kid, you know? So I went ahead and did those things, and my parents got really angry…

Anyway, one night I went out and my car had an oil leak. My dad had said to me, “Don’t drive that car around too much; I have to fix the oil leak.” But I took it into the desert, to a party, and the oil leak worsened and I basically drove the car until it was out of oil and the engine seized up. And I thought, Oh my god, I am in so much trouble. It wouldn’t start, so I just left it at a gas station. I was so freaked out and scared…I didn’t tell my parents anything, and I didn’t go home. The car sat there for a week and then it got towed, and then, finally, I told them what happened…

Reagan Faye Wiki

I stayed at my boyfriend’s house, and my parents got super mad and said “You know what? We want you out.” And my boyfriend’s mom said, “You can stay here with us,” so I was like, “Okay! Bye!” When my parents found out I was actually going to move, they freaked out. They were like, “No, no, no. Just kidding! Come back home.” But I was out of there. So, I didn’t have a car, but I had a job and was going to school. But then the company I worked for went out of business and let everybody go. I was a receptionist, so I was one of the first people to go, and eventually I stopped going to school too…

So now I had no car, no job, and I wasn’t going to school. I was basically doing nothing, you know? Anyway, I went to a friend’s wedding and there was a recruiter there, like, a guy who works for an agency…he said to me, “You know, you could make a lot of money, blah, blah, blah… And of course my boyfriend at the time who didn’t have a job and was super—lazy said, “Oh yeah! You should totally do this! We could make lots of money!” So I thought about it for a month, and then… You know, being in that position, not having a car, no job, having nothing, I just thought, what the hell, I’ll just try it. So when I moved out here (L.A.) and started doing it, I discovered I liked it! But my boyfriend wanted me to just do a bunch of movies, make some money, and then move back to Vegas and buy a house that he and I and all his friends could live in. He said, “I want to go home; I miss my friends.” But I just thought: I’ve already started doing this, I can’t take it back now, and I want to make a name for myself, so, go home. And that was how I got in”.

Faye Reagan Adult Career

Faye Reagan started working in ad*lt entertainment industry in 2007 when she was 19 years old.

She quickly attracted the attention of fans and film critics after she appeared in the Vouyer Media sequel release The Gauntlet—3 (2007) alongside Rebeca Linares, Maya Hills and Crissy Moon.

Reagan Faye

It was nominated for “Best Group S*x Scene” and “Best Oral S*x Scene” at the AVN Awards 2009.

Despite these initial successes, she was searching for a change of pace after several months of working within the industry.

Now, she decided to find herself a different agent so she could shoot more girl/girl movies. As Faye Reagan herself explains;

“I’m sort of different than most girls in the business, not all of them, but most of them…Most girls have a lot more experience than me because they lost their v*rginity when they were, like, 13 or 14 years old. They’d already been having tonnes of s*x, and I didn’t lose my v*rginity until I was 18…I lost [my virginity] a couple of months before I started doing p*rn…Yeah, so s*x, in and of itself, was still a new thing to me, let alone doing it on camera…my first scene was with two guys, and I’d never done that, and it was… yeah, it was scary, but I got through it… But now it’s just like second nature, you know?…

When I came into the business I had a really bad agent, one of the worst agents, but I didn’t know any better. Like, I didn’t know that you could just do girl/girl, and I didn’t know you could take it slow. My agent wanted me to hurry up and get out there doing a bunch of stuff so he could collect commission on it, instead of telling me to go slow so I could have a longer career. So I was doing all these gangbangs and blow—bangs, all this crazy stuff, and I didn’t know I had other options, you know?…

Anyway, I met this girl/girl agent and he told me I needed to slow down, and that I could get paid just as much doing girl/girl. Totally. So I snuck away from my old agent and started doing girls…

A little while later I met my boyfriend [Dane Cross], who’s also in the business and he found out that I’d done girl/boy before, so he was like, “Will you please do a scene with me? Pleeeease?” So I did one, and one turned into two, and then two turned into three, and then I arrived at a place where I only do girls and him, my boyfriend…Yeah. So I did that for two years and then last July I got kind of bored and went back to doing boys again, but I decided to do it my way this time. I made it clear that I was only going to work with people that I liked”.

Reagon Faye

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