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Cherie Deville


Cherie DeVille  is an erotic model and American pornographic actress. She was born on August 30, 1978 in Durham, North Carolina, United States. DeVille has established herself as a multi—talented performer, producer and model.

As an actress Deville has worked for studios such as Brazz*rs, All Girl Massage, New Sensations, Elegant Angel, Forbidden Fruits Films, Tushy, Blacked, Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Jules Jordan Video, Penthouse, Zero Tolerance, Le Wood Productions, Hard X and Wicked Pictures.


Cherie Deville

Bio / Wiki —

  • Name— Cherie DeVille
  • Date Of Birth— August 30, 1978
  • Birth Place— Durham, North California, United States
  • Profession— Erotic Model, Pornographic Actress
  • Nationality— American
  • Ethnicity— Caucasian
  • Religion— Atheism
  • Political Party— Democratic Party
  • Pets— Two Dogs, A Ferret and A Sugar Glider

Physical Statistics —

  • Height— 5 Feet 5 Inches (1.65 m)
  • Weight— 55 Kg (121 lbs)
  • Body Measurements— 34D-26-38
  • Hair Color— Blond
  • Eyes Color— Blue
  • Chest— Enhanced
  • Tattoos— A small butterfly design on the inside of her right foot just below her ankle and a small dolphin design on her right hip


Cherie Deville Biography

Cherie was an active, academic child. She worked as a camp counselor and lifeguard when Deville was on summer vacation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. According to her;

“I was a good kid, got good grades, and had lots of activities. I rode horses, did ballet, played in the band, and did cheerleading for a few years. My family spent the summers on the beach in Cape Cod so I love to swim as well and I was on the swim team and at sixteen became a lifeguard!”.

She used to participate in a many extra—curricular activities during her high school years. She said;

“I went to a large high school with over 500 kids in my graduating class. I got good grades, did cheerleading for a bit but it conflicted with the marching band so I quit lol! I also was a member of the stage crew, chess club and VP of my Explorer troop. I was nominated for homecoming court 3x but never won 🙁 I had several casual boyfriends and girlfriends but only one serious one! Sadly she and I only saw each other in the summer 🙁 ”.

After graduating from high school, she attended college whereupon she graduated with a doctorate degree.

In fact, She also worked as a physical therapist for several years before pursing her career as a porn actress. She revealed;

Cherie Deville

“I actually still work as a therapist and would never give that up — it’s a wonderful career. As for how I started in porn it was super random. A photographer friend of mine in Tennessee had a model back out of an important project and he convinced me to fill in. I was so nervous because it was an implied n*de shoot, but once I was into it I loved it and the final result was amazing. (That’s me as gluttony uvudo imaging Nashville.)…His wife convinced me to put my pictures up on Model Mayhem. I did but my motivation at that point was simply to get some great/sexy pictures taken of me that I could look back on when I’m old!”.

Cherie Deville posed for her first ever n*de modelling shoot after being contacted by a close friend. After that, she created her own Model Mayhem profile and started working with numerous professional photographers who introduced her to the adult film job site. Now, she was being contacted by the exclusive adult film talent agency OC Modelling. She elaborated;

“Through Model Mayhem I shot with some great photographers, one of whom told me about the site and that where my current agency OC Modelling found me. When they called and asked if I wanted to do porn I thought, “F*ck yes!!” I have always been one to try and live my life to the fullest and when opportunities to do something fun arrive, I try to never turn them down. I am an atheist and don’t believe in god or an afterlife, so I want to live my life 100% and experience everything I can. Porn fits right into that philosophy”.


Cherie Deville Hot

Cherie began working within the adult industry in November 2011 and her first po*nographic productions began to be commercially released in early 2012.

She comes from a conservative family and has commented within her previous interviews that her family don’t wanted her to make career in adult industry. She said;

“You know, they are conservative and so were not happy. But they love me and I love them dearly, job choice can’t change that”.

“Friends think it’s awesome, family are not thrilled 🙂 but love me anyway!”.

She has been having sexual experiences with girls ever since the sixth grade. According to her;

“A friend at the time and, at first, we just started playing house and stuff like that. Eventually, as we got older, we dated for real. In 6th grade, we knew we were close, we were spending all our time together, we were messing around, but it wasn’t really until 7th or 8th grade that  we knew it was something. I think we were just too young when we started to get it…I had one boyfriend in high school but primarily girls. But it was still tough in high school. I think now it might be a little easier, I don’t really know what the culture’s like, but when I was in high school and even at the beginning of college, when I had a girlfriend, there were still a lot of kids who were straight mean about it. So I definitely had a lot of concern about whether I was gay. There was no such thing as bi, at least that I heard of. I thought you had to choose a side. (laughs) So I was pretty set on the lesbian side even though I had a boyfriend or two. In high school, most of my girlfriends were short term and secretive because I was too embarrassed to bring anyone home to introduce them to my parents AS my girlfriend. The things didn’t tend to get as serious as even I would have wanted them. They knew who I was dating when it was a guy but never when it was a girl back then…

Cherie Deville Photo

I think all the experimenting through porn and on video has made me more comfortable with my friends AND my family. Just for myself, as an adult, I’ve had a lot more serious relationships. Just to feel that even in a small community like Nashville, which is very small and very religious and conservative, I can be more bold and confident and try to be more of a role model for lesbian and bisexuality. I’m a professional, I have a degree, I have a girlfriend and I don’t try to hide that with my patients or at work. I didn’t lie about that before but I definitely would never mention it. My other straight colleagues would mention their boyfriends or girlfriends and I didn’t. So I feel like now, I’m more comfortable because I talk about it more openly”.


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