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Adriana Chechik pics

Adriana Chechik, born as Dezarae Kristina Charles, is an American p*rnographic actress. She was born on November 17, 1991 in Downington, Pennsylvania, United States.


Adriana Chechik photos

Bio / Wiki —

  • Name— Adriana Chechik
  • Birth Name— Dezarae Kristina Charles
  • Other Names— Adriana Chechick, Adrianna Chechik
  • Date of Birth— November 17, 1991
  • Profession— P*rnographic Actress
  • Home Town— Downington, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Nationality— American
  • Ethnicity— Caucasian
  • Zodiac Sign— Scorpio
  • Religion— Christianity
  • Marital Status— Single
  • S*xuality— Bis*xual
  • Years Active— 2013 – present

Physical Statistics —

  • Height— 5 Feet 2 Inches (1.57 m)
  • Weight— 51 Kg (112 lbs)
  • Body Measurements— 32B–24–32
  • Body Type— Slim
  • Hair Color— Brunette / Black
  • Eye Color— Brown
  • Shoe Size— Women’s 7 (US)

Educational Details —

  • School— Downingtown West High School
  • University— Drexel University
  • Qualification— Sudied biochemistry at Drexel University


Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik was born and raised in Downington, Pennsylvania, United States. Adriana is of Russian, Serbian and English descent. The hottest pornstar has stated in her previous interviews that she doesn’t know if this heritage is completely accurate;

“I’m told I’m Russian and Serbian with a little bit of English but I’m not 100% sure. So I’d be lying if I said that was true”.

Adriana revealed in an interview that growing up in foster care meant that she never lived in one place for a prolonged period of time. As she explained in her own words;

” I grew up in Pennsylvania. My life was pretty chill, I guess. I grew up in foster care for awhile and I just moved around a bunch. I moved in with my best friend and they took care of me for a really long time. I started school and was dating my best friend’s son, which was the family that was taking care of me. And then when we broke up, I was in school and I met a stripper, which I think is the worst thing for any girl. 😊 We’d go constantly to the strip club. She asked, ‘why aren’t you stripping?’ And I’d be, ‘yeah! Why aren’t I stripping?’ 😊 From there, we went to Miami and tried to take Miami by storm with our stripping skills. And after a little while there, I had some guy offer me a chance to be in a video. I wanted to have some fun and figured a video was a nice safe outlet”.

In this manner, she began to discover the ad*lt industry as a potential career avenue during her teenage years.

However, although she was s*xually adventurous with girls whilst growing up. Adriana divulged during her interview that she had only slept with one man before becoming a p*rn star;

“I only s*xually slept with one when I got into the industry. I had given plenty of bl*wjobs and done plenty of oral but s*xually, I was a wuss. Not even so much that I was a wuss, but it never crossed my mind”.

Adriana Chechik Posing In Red Dress

Adriana discussed her earliest s*xual experiences with girls in an interview, revealing how;

 “We were literally making out and bumping and grinding. When I look back now, we were really perverted. I still haven’t had as good a s*x as I did in the 6th grade with a girl. That’s how naughty it was! 😊”.

Despite her unconventional upbringing, she earned her GED and attended Drexel University where Adriana majored in biochemistry. During this time, she also began working as a stripper at the Scarlett’s Cabaret club in Hallandale Beach, Florida, United States.

She explained during her interview that she stumbled into an ad*lt star career after being invited on set by one of her erotic dancer friends;

“I found out about the p*rn industry through a girlfriend working at the strip club with me. One day she invited me on set with her, and after watching the other girls I knew it was something I had to be a part of! Within two days of seeing my first p*rn live I had already started filming my first scene…The first scene I ever did was actually a threesome with one girl and one guy, which was so nerve—wracking because I had never hooked up with a girl let alone had s*x on camera. But as soon as the camera started rolling all my nerves went away and we just had fun!”.


Adriana Chechik Photograph

In 2013 Adriana Chechik appeared in her first ever p*rn film shoot. She described how she felt whilst filming her first ever s*x scene in an interview.

Within this exclusive interview she revealed how;

“The terror was horrible. First of all, I get booked for a boy/boy/girl and I had never f*cked a girl. What I’m learning through p*rn is that s*x feels good but to be a good performer you have to feel good and there’s acting. Not necessarily faking but acting. So in the beginning, I don’t think I got the acting aspect. I was hoping they felt good and I wasn’t even concerned about myself. I remember shaking so bad that the director had to ask if I was ok during the pictures. I told him I’m fine and I’m getting on top of this guy’s c*ck and this other girl is licking my cl*t. I was so nervous but as soon as I got past the talking part of the scene and we actually got down to f*cking, it was so easy, it was so nice. It was fun. I remember leaving set, screaming to myself in enjoyment, ‘This is so good!’”.

Adriana Chechik also revealed within this interview what was the reason of choosing her stage name Adriana Chechik;

“There was a guy named David Chechik who did a lot of directing. He did some horror movies, not anything big or popular but something that stuck in my head. I don’t know why I got so obsessed with the name but I wanted something different. And I also thought A for Adriana, comes first in all the talent lists. 😊”.

Adriana Chechik Pics

Equipped with a stage name, she commenced her ad*lt star career in 2013 and by May had signed a non—exclusive one—year performance contract with the ad*ly production company Erotique Entertainment.

Within her first year as a p*rn film performer Adriana also appeared in her first g*ngbang and double an*l penetration s*x scenes.

These shoots featured within the New Sensations DVD feature release This is My First…A G*ngbang Movie, distributed by Digital Sin in November 2013.

It was nominated for the “Best Group S*x Scene” accolade at the AVN Awards 2015 ceremony. According to her;

“My first g*ngbang for New Sensations was amazing. One of the best s*xual experiences I have had in the industry…My dream scene would be another g*ngbang, but this time I want it to be an all-girl/girl g*ngbang. There’s nothing more intense then letting a bunch of people just devour you. And what could be better than a bunch of s*xy women doing so?”.

Adriana Chechik embellished about this experience during a November 2013 XBIZ news article, stating that;

“You want your first experience to be epic—so I went into the g*ngbang hoping to get as much out of it as I possibly could…It wasn’t just a highlight in my career, it was an unforgettable moment in my life. I wanted to shoot a g*ngbang because it’s always been my ultimate fantasy. There’s nothing hotter than watching a woman take on multiple guys! Everyone needs to watch this movie because it’s the craziest, s*xiest thing I’ve ever done”.


Adriana Chechik Posing in Black

Adriana Chechik won the following awards during her ad*lt career —


  • 2014— Best Anal S*x Scene for Internal Damnation 8
  • 2015— Most Outrageous S*x Scene for G*ngbang Me
  • 2016— Best Transs*xual S*x Scene for TS Playground 21
  • 2017— Best Oral S*x Scene for Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Sl*t
  • 2018— Best Transs*xual S*x Scene for Adriana Chechik Is the Sq*irt Queen
  • 2018— Best Virtual Reality S*x Scene for Zombie Slayers


  • 2015— Best Body (Editor’s Choice)
  • 2016— Best Female Performer (Fan Choice)
  • 2017— Best Female Performer (Fan Choice)


  • 2015— Best Scene — Non-Feature Release for G*ngbang Me
  • 2019— Best Scene — Vignette Release for After Dark


  • 2015— Supersl*t
  • 2015— Orga*mic Analist
  • 2017— Female Performer of the Year


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