A vajacial is a facial just for your vulva, otherwise known as your nether regions. This quick & easy treatment will make you feel like a new woman!

The vajacial includes exfoliation, extraction, hydration and a high-performance mask. It’s also customizable to fit your skin type and needs.

If you suffer from chronic itching or discomfort, get one of these treatments on regular basis to soothe sensitive areas of skin.

The basic idea behind a vajacial is that you can use certain treatments on your vagina that will improve your skin but are usually not recommended because of safety concerns.

A vajacial involves exfoliation, chemical peels, & extraction. Over an hour-long appointment with your esthetician, your skin will be given a thorough makeover.

Most vajacials contain tretinoin & glycolic acid, both of which work to rejuvenate skin & unclog pores. Glycolic peels can also reduce acne breakouts by stimulating collagen production.

It’s not just your vagina that needs a bit of attention when you have a vaginal cosmetic treatment. You also need to take good care of your skin, particularly in places such as your pubic area & on your vulva.

Even before you go to bed after your treatment it’s vital that you gently wash & dry your genital area using warm water & a soft cloth.

If you have any sensation of burning or irritation, don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare professional immediately.

This could be a sign that something is wrong and needs medical attention.