Powassan virus (POWV) is a rare but serious tick-borne illness that can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). 

POWV is transmitted by the same type of tick that spreads Lyme disease, and can cause similar symptoms.

Powassan virus (POWV) infection is an illness spread by tick bites and can cause life-threatening brain infections in humans and animals alike. 

Symptoms of the Powassan virus include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures and memory loss.

In severe cases, the virus can lead to encephalitis or meningitis, which can be fatal.

Powassan virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected tick.

Ticks can become infected with the virus when they feed on infected animals, such as mice or squirrels.

There is no vaccine available for Powassan virus  (POWV).

The best way to prevent infection is to avoid tick bites. 

Always wear long sleeves and pants when outdoor.