1. Apricot helps in  smooth digestion. 

2. Apricots keeps eye vision correct. 

3. Apricot fruit helps lose weight.

4. Helps prevent heart diseases.

5. Apricots help prevent anemia.

6. Apricot fruit work prevent diabetes.

7. Helps prevent dehydration by maintaining fluid levels in the body.

8. Apricots are good for ear health.

9. Helps reduce inflammation in the body.

10. Apricot works reduce high blood pressure (hypertension).

11. Apricots maintain liver health.

12. Apricots are beneficial while pregnant.

13. Helps reduce asthma.

14. Apricot assist in building muscles.

15. Work reduce fever.

16. Apricot keeps your bones strong.

17. Beneficial in ulcers.

18. Reduces the signs of premature aging.

19. Apricots promote hair growth.

20. Helps prevent cancer.